Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See

My friend, Lori, sent me the novel, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See, quite a while ago. I put it in my to-be-read pile without even glancing at the book description. I already had so many books to read, I just didn't know when I'd have time for it. Every time I saw it in the pile, I felt an urge to read it. When I finally did, I knew exactly why Lori sent it to me... I soon found myself immersed in nineteenth-century Chinese culture as well as the friendship of Lily and Snow Flower. Their deep connection and even their misunderstandings reminded me of the deep friendships, including the one Lori and I share, I've had in my life. See's descriptions of the foot binding process had me rubbing my toes and arches. Knowing the pain of ill-fitting shoes, I couldn't even begin to imagine how these young girls survived the foot-binding process. I cringed as I read passage after passage of the treatment of women of those days juxtaposed against the strength the women exhibited in trying times to keep their families from totally disintegrating. The hardships of life lead to a heartbreaking misunderstanding between Lily and Snow Flower that causes painful betrayal and a complete break in communication. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan pushed me to open communication in my own friendships and to search for ways to make the lives of the women of my day better.



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