Gamberreti's - Salem, Oregon

Gamberetti's Italian Restaurant, located at 325 High Street Southeast in Salem, Oregon, provides a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, and delicious cuisine. My friend and I ate on the patio where we had a great view of a creek with trees, plants, and grass creating an oasis in the middle of city. We talked for hours and never once felt pressured to leave. Sam, our waiter, was attentive without being intrusive. He quickly and readily helped me narrow my choice down by asking me a couple of questions and telling me a little about the three choices I was considering. I ordered the butternut squash and the tomato basil soup. My friend ordered a salad and the ratatouille ravioli. We shared a bite from each main course, so we could both experience both dishes. They were delicious as was the soup. The tastes were unique and yet Italian in essence. The comfort of familiarity and the thrill of newness infused both dishes. We both enjoyed bellinis with our meal. For dessert we split the white chocolate creme brulee, which was also very tasty. Overall, I look forward to dining as Gamberetti's again!


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