Friday, April 12, 2013

Shadows: A Collection of Poetry by Catherine Al-Meten

Shadows: A Collection of Poetry by Catherine Al-Meten starts off with an introduction that left me anxious to get to the poems but also set the mood for the poems contained within. Shadows combines lovely photography that will tempt the reader to stop and ruminate on the image for a while and perhaps discover a sensation of poetry in the image. Al-Meten starts off with a poem titled "War" that leaves the reader pondering not only the question of the wars nations fight but the wars we fight with ourselves on a daily basis. Shadows takes the reader through nature and self-awareness in a ride that comforts, provokes, and uplifts. Al-Meten offers the imagination tastes, sounds, smells, images, and touches that keep the senses alert and awaiting more in this delightful collection of poems written to explore life's simple moments as well as life's mysteries.
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