Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg is a thought provoking exploration of women's ongoing struggle for equality. Sandberg doesn't shy away from the things people think but often don't say out loud or if they do only whisper in guarded situations with trusted friends. Lean In addresses the idea of leadership and women taking a more active role in leading. Sandberg addresses the dynamics between men and women in the workplace and at home. She discusses how we all limit ourselves and one another. Lean In made me want to lean in to my own life and my own goals. Her words made me think about how I live my life and whether or not I'm setting an example that encourages those around me to lean in, to sit at the table", and to embrace their power. And, conversely, to think about every time I've leaned back, denied my right to a place at the table, or suppressed my power. Men and women alike will benefit from reading Lean In because Sandberg discusses ways in which both men and women can improve the work environment and the home environment. She brings examples from her personal life into the story with ease to clarify her points and to humanize the experience. Even with the personal stories Sandberg includes, Lean In doesn't read like a memoir due to the numerous studies and the research she references. Lean In is the beginning, or perhaps the renewal, of a conversation that needs to take place in boardrooms, in classrooms, in homes, and in every day life.


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