Native Foods Restaurants - Bridgeport Village, Portland

Native Foods is a vegan restaurant with plant based "meats" like tofu and seitan on the menu as protein sources. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is casual, almost fast food casual. The food is tasty though, for my personal preference, could be fixed with less, or no, oil; however, that probably won't hold true for other people. I ordered the Portobello and Sausage Burger, the sausage burger being made of seitan. I should've read the menu closer because it also includes a vegan mayo, and I hate mayo. The mayo was only on one side though, so I could easily just leave that piece of bread and lettuce on the plate. I also ordered the watermelon fresca, which was okay but a little sweet for my taste; however the mint added a refreshing lift. My husband ordered a creamy corn soup which was nice and the Bangkok Bowl with tofu, which also tasted good. For dessert we ordered the chocolate cupcake and the peanut butter parfait, both of which tasted very sweet and fatty (okay, rich for those of you who don't mind the sweetness and fat). For many this would probably work wonderfully, but I doubt I'll order either of these desserts again. I would definitely return for another meal though. There are several meals on the menu that sound interesting.


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