Taken by Robert Crais

Taken by Robert Crais immerses the reader in the search for a missing girl in this Elvis Cole/Joe Pike book. Cole and Pike search for the girl and her boyfriend on behalf of the girl's mother. As they encounter human traffickers, kidnappers, murderers, and drug dealers, the dangers mount and take them on a series of twists and turns that leave the reader squirming. Even the most faithful Cole/Pike fan will find Crais takes them into doubts of whether or not Cole will rescue the girl when he finds himself taken by her kidnappers. Then the reader is left to hope Pike will rescue Cole and the girl before they die. The discovery of who the girl's boyfriend is ratchets up the danger bring on more suspense.The tension drives the reader to the edge even though die hard fans never truly doubt either Cole or Pike. As Cole faces danger, Pike hunts. As is always the case, Pike is a man of few words and Cole wisecracks in the face of danger. Crais's Taken is an enthralling and dangerous tale that at its heart explores the depths of friendship and the lengths people will go to for those they love


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