Venus in Fur at The Majestic Theatre

The Majestic Theatre is currently presenting the play, Venus in Fur, a play within a play exploring gender roles and attitudes. Pat Kight directs this play in which two actors present the entire story without an intermission. Set during rehearsals for a play, the actors delve into the story within the play breaking to discuss the finer points and to attend to personal business. Vonda's ill-fitting costume seemed as much as prop as the furniture on the stage but still made me want to squirm for the actress at times. The story is intriguing and coaxes laughter as well as moments of introspection from the audience. As Vonda forces the playwright to defend his seemingly sexist words in some of the scenes, the audience alternately feels for him and agrees with her. He seems to think he's creating a strong female character while Vonda thinks he's creating a character coerced into playing a role she doesn't wish to play. In this struggle for dominance over one another, what appears to be usually appears to be something else moments later. Venus in Fur is definitely worth attending.


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