Ramsi's Cafe on the World in Louisville, Kentucky

Ramsi's Cafe on the World, located at 1293 Bardstown Road, Louisville, Kentucky, has an extensive vegan menu as well as non-vegan dishes. The food is well-prepared using organic and local food. The service is friendly and accommodating. The atmosphere is inviting and comfortable. We ordered the Sahara Soup and Raw Hope Salad to start our meal. Both were quite tasty. The soup qualified as comfort food and the salad was light and crisp. For entrees, I ordered the Quinoa Kiki and my dining partner ordered The Spice Market. Both were delightful and filling even though we would've have preferred no oil. I'm sure the oil content would've been fine for people who eat oil. The mint green tea complemented the meal perfectly. Overall, we enjoyed a delightful dining experience. I would definitely eat at Ramsi's Cafe on the World given the opportunity.


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