A Touch of Class Vintage Day Spa

A while back I decided to treat myself to a massage. I talked myself out of it for several months before I finally called A Touch of Class to set up an appointment. It was my second ever professional massage. I've never quite understood the appeal of a massage, and my first encounter didn't leave me wanting me to race back for another. Finally, in early January, I called and made an appointment for the shortest and most basic session offered.  I arrived to a small building in back of a house. Stepping inside, I immediately understood why they dubbed themselves vintage. The decor is homey and welcoming with none of the sterile atmosphere many modern spas have adopted. Both have their advantages. I sat a table set for tea in a room that looked like a tea house. The desk was discreetly tucked to one side.
The massage began with a complimentary infrared sauna session. I entered the sauna room. It's a small room with a couple of chairs, a water dispenser, cups, books, and a coat rack with robes on it. The sauna is tucked into a back corner. It's quite comfortable and relaxing. I ignored the books planning to meditate in the sauna, but I soon discovered I couldn't quite get into a meditative state. I'm not sure why.
The massage room is on the other side of the building, so I put on a robe, gathered my things, and headed over when my sauna session ended. The room was small with a massage table in the middle. It was surrounded by tables, chair, and cabinets. I settled on the table, and Linda came in to start my massage. She did a thirty minute massage with stones. She referred to the massage type as La Stone. I wasn't expecting the La Stone massage, but I found it very relaxing and even invigorating. I listened to her retrieve the stones and felt them as she pushed them into my skin. She placed two heated stones on my hands and left them there as she continued the massage. The stones felt smooth as the glided against and skin and pushed into my muscles. I felt tension drain away from places I didn't even know I held tension. She used some essential oils as well which were a bit strong for my personal taste but are likely just what others enjoy.
We chatted for a bit before I left. The experience was delightful. I look forward to another massage at A Touch of Class though I'm still not quite ready to make it a regular thing.


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