A Matter of Attention by Torrance Stephens

A Matter of Attention by Torrance Stephens grabbed my attention and held tight with its raw, unapologetic lyricism. Stephens writes a main character, Gash Love, who at once fascinates and infuriates. I read with rapt attention to the life story he told taking the character through several years of his life in this short tome. Filled with emotion, sensual energy, and intellect, a level of detachment also runs through the characters. Told from Gash's point of view, the story weaves his fantasy life and real life together in a way that felt reminiscent of the way people genuinely live with their perceptions tainting the way they see the events in their lives. A Matter of Attention made me think about the areas in my life where I'm less than attentive as well as how my perceptions taint the way I see the events surrounding me.


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