Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Night Blind by Michael W. Sherer

Michael W. Sherer's Night Blind blinds the reader to all else during the course of reading. Sherer immerses the reader so deeply in Seattle, the air feels damp and the night feels lonely as he introduces Blake Sanders. Sherer did something most authors fail to do... He managed to make me think the ultimate villain out to destroy Sanders was someone other than it was and yet when he finally revealed the villain, it made perfect sense. I felt engulfed in Sanders quest to do the right thing even while stumbling through his life trying to deal with his losses, save his life, protect those he loves, and seek justice. Sherer brings in a diverse and interesting cast of characters that leave the reader wanting more not only of the flawed but likable Sanders but those who surround him.  In the midst of all these fabulous characters, Sherer drops the reader into the midst of danger, intrigue, political wrangling, and more danger. Sherer's cast of characters reminds us that none of us live in a vacuum where our lives are untouched by the actions of others.

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