The Spectrum by Dean Ornish, M.D.

The Spectrum by Dean Ornish, M.D. details the research Dr. Ornish and others have done regarding maintaining health and preventing disease. Dr. Ornish delves into the effects of food, stress, exercise, and attitude on health. He explains that the research reveals that while general healthy eating works for everyone, there are aspects of any diet that won't. Some people respond differently to different things based on their genetic makeup and other factors. Ornish provides insight into the idea of thinking prevention rather than cure. He explains that many diseases are related to diet and lifestyle and can be completely avoided if people are willing to change their diet, exercise more, and embrace meditation. Ornish teamed up with Art Smith to create recipes for the book. Some of the recipes sound delicious but several use ingredients I find suspect at best casting some doubt on the veracity of the book. I've yet to make any of the recipes, but they sound easy enough. I'll never make many of the recipes in this book because I eat a vegan, oil-free, primarily whole food diet. I watched the meditation DVD that came with The Spectrum and am looking forward to using it when I need a little aid with my meditation. The Spectrum is an interesting book based on research that provides solutions for those seeking to improve their health.


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