Gender and Global Justice edited by Alison M. Jaggar

Gender and Global Justice edited by Alison M. Jaggar tackles an interesting, timely, and complex topic. The essays within seek to both ask and answer the questions of how gender affects justice and how justice affects gender. Though some of chapters in Gender and Global Justice feel a bit reminiscent of college papers, they deftly highlight the complexity gender plays in global justice. There are times when the words chosen feel as if they were chosen to impress rather than to better explore or explain the topic at hand, but the content outweighs these word choices. Jaggar compiled a set of essays that tackle the effects of things like migrant work, domestic violence, sex trafficking, tax policy, and family dynamics on gender inequality as well as gender inequality on all of these issues. The essays attempt to look at myriad sides of an issue, but often feel labored as they attempt to explore various sides without sounding like they're excusing injustices wrought by the effects of the realities of people's situations and choices. The academic nature of Gender and Global Justice draws attention to the importance of exploring solutions to gender equality and the problems it causes throughout the world without exploiting the issues to further a political agenda.


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