Three O'Clock Seance by Joanne Pence

27986733Three O'Clock Séance by Joanne Pence,the third book in the Rebecca Mayfield series, crashes Richie Amalfi into Rebecca Mayfield's life again with a mystery surrounding a psychic whose clients are dying in suspicious numbers and circumstances. At first it appears it might just be coincidence, but that soon appears to be wishful thinking on Mayfield's part. The more time Rebecca and Richie spend together, the more the reader roots for her to accept and confess her feelings for Richie while she continues to fight them and Richie continues to woo her in his own confusing way. Once again, I loved every scene with Mayfield's little dog, Spike, especially the clear affection for Richie that Spike's not a bit shy about showing unlike his owner and much to Rebecca's irritation. Pence writes a fun, fast moving, intriguing mystery woven with bits of humor that had me struggling to not laugh out loud while reading it during a late night flight.



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