Cincinnati, Ohio - The Celestial Steakhouse

The Celestial Steakhouse, 1071 Celestial Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, is an elegant yet comfortable restaurant with excellent views of the Cincinnati skyline. The atmosphere is relaxing and indulgent. The wait staff is extremely accommodating and helpful. They worked with me to accommodate
View from The Celestial Steakhouse
my vegetarian requests without hesitation. I ordered the beefsteak tomato tower without the avocado. It was pretty and delicious. I requested the Jumbo Shrimp Penne without the shrimp. Again, it was beautifully prepared and delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed it and took the leftovers with me for later. My dinner companions enjoyed their filet mignon and Mediterranean Lamb dishes. Desserts included a chocolate torte, creme brulee, and cheesecake. We shared the three desserts, so I can attest that all three were delicious. My torte was my favorite though. The Celestial Steakhouse provided a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere with delicious food!


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