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SpiritChili: Recipes for Life by Tony Haynes

SpiritChili: Recipes for Life by Tony Haynes feeds the reader's spirit with poetic vision. The beautifully written poems explore the myriad aspects of life that guide people toward growing into their best selves. Haynes shares his faith through his poetry that is thought provoking and inspiring. Haynes plays with words in twists and turns that surprise, delight, and enthrall while bringing the reader to new understanding of self and others. With its focus on love, hope, and the shared human experience, SpiritChili adds a little spice to life.

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. M.D.

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. M.D. provides an interesting take on the effect of diet on health. Esselstyn presents his theory and backs it up in an easy to read book. Dr. Esselstyn's conclusions make a lot of sense even if the reader questions some aspects of the study he conducted to find his results. He presents the evidence for a plant-based diet in clear and convincing language even if at times his presentation feels heavy handed. The recipes I've tried in Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease aren't particularly exciting but are easy to follow, tasty and provide guidelines for adapting one's own favorite recipes to meet the guidelines of the diet. I read Dr. Esselstyn's book because I have a strong interest in how food can be used to promote good health, so I found much of what he had to say interesting and worth giving serious thought. I've read several such books, and this one made me want to read more on the subject. For a

A Knight of Love by David Vahlberg

A Knight of Love by David Vahlberg transports the reader into a world built on chivalry and old-fashioned romance. Vahlberg explores myriad aspects of both love and romance weaving a connection between nature, spirituality, and humanity in the poems in this collection. While many of the poems feel fantastical in their storylines, the emotions ring true throughout. Vahlberg provides a collection of poems for the romantic who enjoys the idea of the knight in shining armor.

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone

I bought The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone because it contains several recipes I want to try. I didn't plan to read Silverstone's story of her journey to becoming vegan. I've been vegetarian for a while and have dabbled with becoming vegan for a while, so I didn't need convinced. I was pleasantly surprised with her story. She lines out her reasons and supports her decisions with both fact and emotion. I even learned a few things I didn't know about being vegan. The Kind Diet is engaging and interesting. Silverstone leaves no doubt how important she considers her mission to encourage the world to both become vegan and to treat animals with kindness in The Kind Diet. Now, I just need to try some of her recipes and hope they're as good as they sound...

Golf Rules & Etiquette Simplified by John Companiotte

Golf Rules & Etiquette Simplified by John Companiotte is a thin volume. Newbies could carry it in their golf bags to help them as they're learning the game though most newbies probably don't want to admit they don't actually know the rules. Companiotte makes it easy to understand the basic rules and etiquette of playing a round of golf. The book isn't comprehensive, but it should answer most questions that arise on the course. Golf Rules & Etiquette Simplified is easy to read and thorough enough to provide a little more confidence to the learning golfer and perhaps even more seasoned golfers who have always wondered if their buddies simply made up the rules as they went  along.

The Ultimate Digital Book Promotion Handbook by Jim F. Kukral

The Ultimate Digital Book Promotion Handbook by Jim F. Kukral is filled with links and helpful tips for promoting digital books (ebooks) on the web. Kukral has put together an extensive list of places that welcome authors to promote their books as well as tips for planning promotion days to be the most beneficial. He is quick to point out that websites come and go, so he can't guarantee the sites listed will still be available. He updates the handbook to keep it as current as possible. I used The Ultimate Digital Book Promotion Handbook for my last promotion blitz and found many of the sites Kukral recommended drove traffic to my books on promotion day; therefore I would recommend the handbook for those looking for readers for their ebooks.

Headlocks & Hexes by Jezebel Jorge

Headlocks & Hexes by Jezebel Jorge pins the reader to the mat right from the beginning. Jorge is bold and often blunt but always descriptive. Her characters come alive whether the reader loves them or hates them. There's little neutrality with Jorge's characters. The characters are flawed, tough, and vulnerable. Headlocks & Hexes combines the world of wrestling and witchcraft in unexpected ways that somehow make perfect sense. While at times the sex scenes are quite graphic, they are balanced with realism. Filled with jealousy, betrayal, murder, and obsession, Headlocks & Hexes is an easy, fast, read. This book is currently out of print.

Seems Like Old Times by Joanne Pence

Seems Like Old Times left me squirming the way we do when we recognize characteristics in a character that we don't necessary like about ourselves. Well, that's not quite true, perhaps its more accurate to say characteristics we thought we'd "outgrown" as we matured. The defenses we built to shut out love and true happiness often become mired in what we call reality though it's not really. As I read about Lee's struggles to become the woman she wanted to be I recognized my own struggles to please and find my place in the world. As I read of the love she and Tony shared and she abandoned, my heart ached for lost love yet I recognized my own reluctance to accept love at a young age. Seems Like Old Times is a love story that will strike at the heart of anyone who has ever loved and walked away from a love the heart refused to forget. Sometimes, just as Lee did, we make the decisions we feel we must in the moment, but we sacrifice our own happiness in the p

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher connected with me in a way I didn't expect. I read this YA novel because my niece, Kaylee, asked me to. No other reason. I'd never heard of it. I knew nothing about it. Yet, if it was important enough for her to ask me to read it, I felt I needed to. Even with her description of the book, I'm not sure what I expected, but it certainly wasn't what happened. I started reading and couldn't stop. I was already tired when I started and yet I read until exhaustion took over. I felt upset because I couldn't stay awake to finish it. The next day I even broke one of my own rules and recommended the book on social media before I finished reading it or reviewed it. I even emailed a friend to recommend it for his teenage daughter. I found myself on a quest I didn't understand to get this book in the hands of teens and the adults in their lives. When I finished it that night, I cried and cried. I felt pulled and pushed. I recognized a p
Crevices of Beautiful Minds, Crevasses of Beautiful Souls by V. B. Kai-Rogers opens the heart and the mind with questions of faith and love through the exploration of religion, romance, mythology and human connection. Kai-Rogers travels the journey of self-discovery in thought provoking poems that take the reader into the depths of the soul and back again.  The beautifully written poems in Crevices of Beautiful Minds, Crevasses of Beautiful Souls fill in the gaps in the heart and mind with insights that challenge, comfort, and give hope all at once.

The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty by Dan Ariely

The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone - Especially to Ourselves is an interesting dissection and presentation of a number of studies conducted by Dan Ariely and his associates to determine when, how, and why people lie. By setting up a series of similar experiments by altering the conditions of the experiments Ariely discovered factors that influenced people's decisions to lie. He also delved into how people excuse lying to themselves. While I found his conclusions and his methodology compelling, I couldn't help but think that the results weren't as conclusive as they appeared. A number of other factors could've been at play in the thinking processes of the participants in the study. While I believe his premise that people figure out ways to lie and maintain their self-image of being honest, I thought that before I started reading The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty. Ariely confirmed much of what I already believed about lying, but I didn't h

Addicted to Love by C. J. West

Addicted to Love by C. J. West creates a world that seems euphoric except for one minor detail. The basic premise of this story made me squirm in my seat even while the main character sought to figure out the cause behind both the euphoria and the craziness that followed it. Oddly, this exploration of love through an artificial perfection reminded me that given a choice, I'd choose reality over perfection any day. We quickly learn that even bliss has consequences when threatened. West's writing made me question my own ideas about blissful love and captured my imagination even when I questioned why the characters didn't make the connections sooner than they did. But then I remembered that we often only see what we want to see, a condition of human nature West also conveyed quite well in Addicted to Love .

The Dragon's Lady by Joanne Pence

The Dragon's Lady by Joanne Pence is a love story, but it's more than a love story. Pence delves into Chinese American cultural relations in 1906 San Francisco. She immerses the reader into the vast differences in the lives of the white population and the Chinese population through the lives of Ruth Greer and Li Hanlin while demonstrating how people themselves tend to be very similar regardless of culture. When Ruth meets Hanlin, she feels an immediate attraction that leads her to look for reasons to return to the Li household. She becomes an English tutor for the Li family much to her father's dismay and confusion. Ruth's father works hard to separate her from Hanlin as Hanlin fights his attraction to Ruth. Pence's exploration of the culture of Chinatown is at once interesting, engaging, and discomforting. Pence pulls the reader into a world filled with drugs, sex, and violence seen from multiple angles. Her writing depicts the world in which the characters live w

Embrace (The Gryphon Series) by Stacey Rourke

E mbrace (The Gryphon Series) by Stacey Rourke continues the mission of the Garrett siblings to save the world from evil. Celeste struggles with her role as the Conduit and how to live a normal life with such a calling. Kendall and Gabe seem to balance life and their supernatural duties better than Celeste. Celeste's sarcasm keeps the reader on the edge of a giggle through much of the book and keeps the serious moments in check. At times Celeste's naivete will frustrate the reader even though the reader understands why she so desperately wants to believe in the good she thinks she sees even in the bad guys. Rourke's storytelling makes the reader want the bad guys to be telling Celeste the truth even when every instinct screams they're not. Rourke even manages to inject a healthy dose of humor into the fight scenes leaving the reader on the edge but smiling at the same time.   Embrace is a fun, fast read that leaves the reader begging for more.

Gamberreti's - Salem, Oregon

Gamberetti's Italian Restaurant , located at  325 High Street Southeast in Salem, Oregon, provides a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, and delicious cuisine. My friend and I ate on the patio where we had a great view of a creek with trees, plants, and grass creating an oasis in the middle of city. We talked for hours and never once felt pressured to leave. Sam, our waiter, was attentive without being intrusive. He quickly and readily helped me narrow my choice down by asking me a couple of questions and telling me a little about the three choices I was considering. I ordered the butternut squash and the tomato basil soup. My friend ordered a salad and the  ratatouille ravioli. We shared a bite from each main course, so we could both experience both dishes. They were delicious as was the soup. The tastes were unique and yet Italian in essence. The comfort of familiarity and the thrill of newness infused both dishes. We both enjoyed bellinis with our meal. For dessert we split the

I by Ray Ellis

I by Ray Ellis is a gripping but disturbing short story. The story explores the sins and punishment of the sinner without any sugarcoating. Facing the memories of his transgressions, the main character suffers torment for false repentance. Excusing his own bad behavior leads the main character farther from the salvation he seeks.This story  will leave sinners, especially the self-righteous types, squirming as they are faced with the excuses people commonly present for their sins in life. I is raw and unrelenting in its execution. Ellis writes in a manner that keeps the reader on edge but still hopeful for the main character to repent and find mercy.

Louisville, Kentucky - North End Cafe

North End Cafe located at 2116 Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky is an inviting little cafe where one can sit over a leisurely meal and chat with friends. The wild mushroom lasagna was very tasty but a little heavy on the spinach for my taste; however someone who really likes spinach would probably enjoy it. The chocolate torte was tasty enough that I wished I hadn't gotten so full eating the lasagna. Our waiter was friendly but not intrusive. I would definitely eat at North End Cafe again if for no other reason than I'd love to try the Chickpea & Quinoa Cake.

Lexington, Kentucky - Alfalfa Restaurant

Alfalfa Restaurant located at 141 E. Main Street, Lexington, Kentucky is a restaurant that focuses on serving local foods in its recipes. They have an interesting menu with a nice range of vegetarian options as well as  options for meat eaters. The restaurant is welcoming and relaxing. The cold cucumber soup was good. The red beans were delicious and filling. The cheesecake was also tasty. All four of us enjoyed our food. The waitress was helpful, friendly, and energetic. I would definitely eat at Alfalfa again!

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wrobleweski

David Wrobleweski grabs the reader's heart and imagination early on in The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and doesn't let go. Wrobleweski creates a setting in which the reader feels long grass scratching the characters' legs, smells the barn filled with dogs, and hears the silence of Edgar's inability to speak. The reader gets immersed in Edgar's life, but often feels as disconnected as the characters within the pages of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle are from one another. Wrobleweski weaves a tale family function and dysfunction that draws the reader into the lives of the characters in way that at times feels voyeuristic. While at times the reader feels uncertain about the decisions of the characters and will be hesitant to read on in case something happens to one of the dogs, the need to know will overwhelm that hesitancy. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle develops the story that needs to be told without apologizing for the journey on which it takes the reader even when expo

The Note by Mike O' Mary

The Note by Mike O' Mary encourages people to thanks those who make a difference in their lives. O' Mary shares his own story of receiving thanks and how it changed his relationship with his sister and therefore his life. O' Mary's personal story drives home how we often don't know the impact we've had in another person's life. The book is short and simple but well written. As someone who already makes an effort to always thank those who make a difference in my life, I didn't find it revolutionary; however, it was an enjoyable read. I could see how some people might find it inspiring.

Louisville, Kentucky - Roots

Roots is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant with the motto "mindful, compassionate cooking" located at 1216 Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky. Located in a semi-residential area, Roots decor has a modern but relaxing feel. It was the perfect place for  lunch after spending the night flying. My Vietnamese Crepe was quite tasty, and my dining companion enjoyed the Green Curry Soup. The extensive selection of teas would be enough to tempt me to return even if the food wasn't as tasty as it was. The meal was light but filling. I enjoyed the Organic Fine Lung Ching "Dragon's Well" Green Tea very much. The only downer was the cappuccino which had an artificial taste. The waiter offered to refund our money for those. We were unable to finish them. I would definitely eat at Roots again if I lived in Louisville.

Cincinnati, Ohio - The Celestial Steakhouse

The Celestial Steakhouse , 1071 Celestial Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, is an elegant yet comfortable restaurant with excellent views of the Cincinnati skyline. The atmosphere is relaxing and indulgent. The wait staff is extremely accommodating and helpful. They worked with me to accommodate View from The Celestial Steakhouse my vegetarian requests without hesitation. I ordered the beefsteak tomato tower without the avocado. It was pretty and delicious. I requested the Jumbo Shrimp Penne without the shrimp. Again, it was beautifully prepared and delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed it and took the leftovers with me for later. My dinner companions enjoyed their filet mignon and Mediterranean Lamb dishes. Desserts included a chocolate torte, creme brulee, and cheesecake. We shared the three desserts, so I can attest that all three were delicious. My torte was my favorite though. The Celestial Steakhouse provided a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere with delicious food!

Rambo and Me: The Story Behind the Story by David Morrell

David Morrell discloses how he came to create Rambo in the book, First Blood in his essay, Rambo and Me: The Story Behind the Story .  Morrell's honesty about the inspiration behind First Blood and the Rambo character is inspiring and may be surprising to some, especially those who have only seen the Rambo movies. He also explains the journey First Blood took from book to movie without romanticizing the process. This essay is well worth the read for any fan of David Morrell and/or Rambo!

Heroes for My Daughter by Brad Meltzer

Brad Meltzer's Heroes for My Daughter is an excellent book for girls and boys alike! His short biographies of each person in the book spark the imagination, inspire confidence, and uplift spirits. He includes famous people and people from his own life giving all equal weight thereby demonstrating that everyone has the potential for greatness inside them. Heroes for My Daughter often made me want to know more about the people Meltzer included. His way of writing directly to his daughter makes the book feel intimate, sweet, and, perhaps, a tad like looking in on a private moment between father and daughter. About a third of the way through the book, I started making a mental list of all the girls I'd like to buy a copy of Heroes for My Daughter if I could afford it. I also realized there are a few boys I'd like to buy it for as well, so it's more a book of heroes whose life stories will benefit all children and even adults!

Golf Rules Explained by Peter Dobereiner

Golf Rules Explained (11th Edition) by Peter Dobereiner makes a good reference book for golfers. While a bit of a dry read, it clarifies some points of the game and even points out some of the more confusing aspects of the game. At times, my enthusiasm for the game suffered while reading Golf Rules Explained but never for long. There are a few sections that are confusing, but the author blames that on confusion within the rules yet also points out that the rules state exactly what they mean and mean exactly what they say. Even with that, the rules are open to interpretation. The interesting thing is that there are times when being "nice" in penalized and when doing the commonsense thing doesn't follow the rules. All in all, Golf Rules Explained gives golfers a clearer understanding of the rules, especially for those interested in playing more than the occasional casual game. On the other hand, Golf Rules Explained can create undue tension in the casual player, so

If Cooks Could Kill by Joanne Pence

In If Cooks Could Kill , Joanne Pence continues the story of Angie Amalfi and her love interest, Inspector Paavo Smith. Angie is so enthralled with her engagement, she's pushing all her friends into love connections and embarrassing Paavo with romantic gift after gift at his work. Angie's behavior seems a little sophomoric, but then again Angie tends to not think things through. When Angie's best friend, Connie, is framed for murder, Angie jumps into the investigation determined to clear Connie. Angie and Connie find themselves running from dangerous situation to dangerous situation all the while Paavo is busy solving the murder and a series of crimes related to it. Coincidences in his investigation lead Paavo to Angie's rescue more than once. Fans of cozy mysteries will enjoy the fun and humor Pence dispenses in If Cooks Could Kill .

Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts by Regena Thomashauer

 Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts by Regena Thomashauer strives to empower and liberate women. Parts of it are fun and entertaining, but there are moments when it feels a little too heavy on shock value. I kept waiting for Thomashauer to tell me something I haven't discovered on my own. The exercises felt contrived and designed to shock the reader. Perhaps there are women who find that motivating, but I'm not one of of them. I did several of the exercises just to do them even though some of them I've done for years on my own. Thomashauer writes in an engaging way that keeps the reader interested even when doubting her suggestions. I have mixed feelings about this book. Some of the suggestions are fun, intriguing, and perhaps even helpful, but some of them just sound like manipulation. I'm not a huge fan of manipulation, especially in relationships. Still, the idea of women taking control of their own lives and the pleasure in their lives appeals to me. On th

Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer

Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer is an excellent examination of the creative process. I started this book with more than a little hesitancy. As a writer, I felt concerned it would negatively affect my creativity kind of like how seeing how special effects are done tends to ruin a movie for me. Instead, my creativity sparked almost every time I read it.  Imagine sparked my creativity to the point that I mentioned it in a blog post, Nudges From the Law of Attraction , while I was still reading it. Lehrer explains how creativity works by studying its effects on real creative people. While he talks about the chemical processes in the brain and the parts of the brain that are directly involved in creative endeavors, he focuses most of his attention on expressions of creativity. The book examines everything from why solitude can help or hurt creativity to why people use drugs to free their creative urges. Imagine goes into the minds of creative people like Bob Dylan and Sha

A Death in Munich by David L. Hoof

A Death in Munich by David Hoof disturbed me to the point of making me squirm but kept me entrenched in the story. Hoof creates a spy novel that investigates the real life suicide Hitler’s niece, Geli Raubal, which may have been a murder. He places the reader inside the mind of the spy investigating the suicide/murder and its links to Hitler. As the spy goes about his business, the reader feels immersed in his hesitation to trust even those who are supposed to be on his side. The reader is so inside the mind of the spy, the reader feels the spy’s desire whether for comfortable shoes, a warm meal, or the desire to bed an attractive woman. Whether the reader believes history’s version of the suicide of Geli Raubal or thinks she was murdered and it was staged as a suicide, the investigation Hoof concocts is a ride that will have the reader second-guessing their belief about Raubal’s death. Novels based on historical events, including A Death in Munich, often leave the reader feeling

The Writer's Workout by Christina Katz

Christina Katz's latest book, The Writer's Workout , encourages writers to strengthen their skills, increase their endurance, and stretch their limitations as they train for the marathon that is the writing life. Like fitness in life, a writer's career is only healthy if the writer devotes proper time and attention to developing strength, endurance, and flexibility. Katz provides 366 short essays that inspire, educate, and encourage writers to keep their writing careers in shape no matter where they're at in their career. Katz pours her years of experience writing and teaching into the pages of The Writer's Workout . Each essay reminds the writer to nurture his/her career with growth and prosperity in mind. Katz remains consistent with her teachings throughout the book expanding on the teachings as they need to grow in a writer's career. The Writer's Workout is a workout every writer needs to do to keep his/her career healthy, productive, and prosperous.

Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues by Robert Fate

Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues by Robert Fate pulls the reader into the world P. I. Kristin Van Dijk confronts on a daily basis as she and her partner, Otis Millett , strive to set right the wrongs of the world with their own brand of justice. Never quite vigilantes but never quite angels either, Kristin and Otis confront dangerous criminals and rescue the damsel in distress even as they wonder just how much distress the damsel is actually experiencing. Injuries, love interests, police investigations, and gangsters all attempt to get in the way of Kristin and Otis saving the girl. Even the lawyer who hired them to find her becomes an obstacle to their success as they are distracted by the need to save him. With millions of dollars at stake, the safety of the young but hated heiress is important to a multitude of people. Though the pages are riddled with dead bodies - I lost count at some point - somehow the violence never feels gratuitous . After all, Kristin and Otis have a policy

Albany, Oregon - Vault 244

I've eaten at Vault 244, located at  244 W 1st Ave , several times, and I've always been pleased with the experience. Their vegetarian selection is a bit limited but always tastes delicious. The drink menu by itself is interesting enough to draw me back over and over. My last trip to Vault 244, I ordered the handmade vegetarian ravioli, which was simple but delicious. My dinner companion ordered the chicken quesdilla which he liked. I ordered a drink called Fire & Ice which combined a thai chile infused vodka with cucumber juice. It was incredible. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of heat and cool. For dessert we split the flourless chocolate torte which was quite good. I also ordered a hot buttered rum which tasted excellent. It was sweet enough to serve as dessert all by itself. We sat at the bar this time, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching bartenders work; however, I loved being seated by the fireplace on other visits. Vault 244 provides great energy, fabulous drinks, and del

Corvallis, Oregon - Les Caves Bier & Kitchen

Les Caves Bier & Kitchen is located at 308 SW 3rd Street in downtown Corvallis, Oregon. I've eaten there three times now. The decor has a homey bar feeling. It made me smileand feel relaxed all three times as I entered. It has a certain elegance while maintaining an inviting, laid back feel. The wait staff is attentive without being intrusive. They are helpful and willing to accommodate guests dietary needs. My first meal at Les Caves Bier & Kitchen was breakfast. I ordered French Toast served with I. P. A. (India Pale Ale) syrup. It was delicious and perfectly cooked. My husband had the Chicken & Waffles. He enjoyed his breakfast as well. I tasted his waffle and found it very tasty. Even the coffee, River Mudd by Pacifica Organic Coffee, was quite good. My second meal at Les Caves was brunch. I ordered the Orchard Waffle, scrambled eggs, and a drink called the French Toasted. The delicious and perfectly cooked waffle was served with cooked apples. The scrambled eggs

The Sentry by Robert Crais

Robert Crais kidnaps the reader once again in The Sentry , but the reader doesn't wish to be rescued, well unless Joe Pike and Elvis Cole are the rescuers. The reader feels like they are protected from the injustices of the world while visiting with old friends, Joe Pike and Elvis Cole, in this adventure filled with twists and turns. Crais lets the reader see just enough of Pike to want more but not enough to solve the mystery of Pike. The mystery of Pike and the humor of Cole are much of what keep me coming back for more from Crais with each book. In The Sentry , Pike's integrity won't allow him to turn his back on a woman he perceives in need of saving. Once in motion, Pike can't be stopped. His sense of right and wrong drives him to find the truth, save the girl, solve the crime, and make things right even if it puts him in danger in ways that go beyond the physical. Crais deftly balances Pike's stoicism with Cole's humor while letting the reader get to kno

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen is a gripping story filled with both the sadness and the joy of life. Hope and regret thread through the pages gripping the reader in a heartrending but mesmerizing journey. Filled with characters struggling to choose right over wrong as well as those who are selfish and greedy, the reader will alternately lament their choices, feel their pain, sympathize with their struggles, and cheer their successes. Animal lovers beware there are some fairly graphic depictions of the way circus animals have been treated over the years. Gruen's unapologetic descriptions of circus life for all involved, the workers, the performers, and the animals strips away the romanticized idea that running away with the circus could ever be the answers to one's troubles in life. All the while, Water for Elephants also grounds us in the reality of aging and reminds us that perhaps we should listen a little and "do" a little less. Gruen's writing immerses

Corvallis, Oregon - Spice & Ice Asian Grill~Gelato

A friend and I had lunch at Spice & Ice Asian Grill~Gelato located at 215 SW 3rd Street in Corvallis, the recently opened second location for this restaurant on Saturday. This casual, Asian fusion restaurant shows a lot of promise! The murals on the wall were fun and created a feeling of relaxed cheerfulness. The staff is still finding their way but handled things well. The appetizers and entrees were served a little closer together than I would've liked. The staff was attentive to the needs of the customers. My friend and I split an order of salad rolls and an order of spring rolls. Both were delicious. I would return just for these two menu items. The salad rolls were cold and soothing. I think they'd be great on a hot afternoon when one is just looking for a light snack. The peanut sauce served with them complements them very nicely. The spring rolls were fried delightfully crisp and the vegetables inside the perfect texture to offset the crispiness. They were tasty with

Slash and Burn by Matt Hilton

Slash and Burn by Matt Hilton is an action packed thriller that takes the reader from Florida to Kentucky to Texas and back to Florida. Slash and Burn is filled with action and violence.  Hilton creates a main character, Joe Hunter, whose sense of justice may not always fit inside the law but is based on his own code of right and wrong. The pages are littered with dead bodies as Hunter strives to save two sisters from criminals. Sibling love, friendship, and loyalty are all tested and reaffirmed in Slash and Burn. Driven by greed, Robert Huffman will do anything to protect his criminal empire including murder anyone who dares try to expose him or stand in his way. Though he uses the resources at his disposal, he's willing to get his hands dirty, enjoys it, in fact. Though there are moments in the story that seem a bit incredulous, the story is compelling enough for the reader to overlook them. Hilton's detailed fight scenes paint a picture that will make the reader feel as if

Hot to Get What You Want Without Having to Ask by Richard Templar

How to Get What You Want Without Having to Ask by Richard Templar is a simple examination of the techniques to get people give you what you want. I didn't learn anything new from this book, but that's probably not a fair way to judge the book. I tend to usually get what I want anyway. The techniques described are simple and easy to understand even if a few do seem to contradict others. He sometimes points this out and explains why there are two approaches listed. It may serve someone who struggles to get what they want with some simple techniques to make their desires known. Even though Templar stressses that manipulation isn't the way to get what you want, some of the techniques described certainly border on manipulation. Others though are simply about learning to express one's wants in a more effective way. How to Get What You Want Without Having to Ask is well written with a bit of humor thrown in from time to time.

Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff

Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff discusses yoga's effect on the body and the body's effect on yoga. Kaminoff starts by explaining the dynamics of breathing and of yoga breath. This section alone is worth the cost of the book! I noticed an immediate improvement in my breathing during yoga poses and therefore an improvement in the poses after reading the section on breathing. Yoga Anatomy then goes on to show yoga poses from an anatomical view highlighting the parts of the body that should be working and/or that are affected by the pose. The yoga name and a translation for each pose is provided. Each pose is classified and given a level. The joints that are active, the work the body is doing, the muscles being lengthened, the obstacles for each pose, notes to help with the pose, and breathing are all discussed in relationship to each pose. There are moments when the descriptions for the poses have so much in common, the reader feels a sense of de ja vu while reading. I even f

Memory Wall by Anthony Doerr

Anthony Doerr takes the reader into the complex role memory places in life in Memory Wall , his latest book of short stories. In stories that capture the reader's imagination, Doerr also makes the reader feel grateful for the memories of one's own life. In sharing the memories of his characters, Doerr examines the role memories play in making us who we are. All the stories examine the importance of memory to the characters and show the extremes to which people will go to hold on to the memories that make them recognize who they are when they look in the mirror. Doerr creates characters the reader will want to know more about even if they aren't always necessarily likeable. Memory Wall is a collection of short stories, the reader will savor from the first word of the first story to the last word of the last story.

The Conduit by Stacey Rourke

Stacey Rourke's intriguing debut young adult (YA) novel, The Conduit , introduces readers to the Garrett siblings, Celeste, Kendall, and Gabe, who have been chosen to save the world from a mystical creature called Barnabus who is in a fight with another mystical creature called the Gryphon. Rourke uses humor to demonstrate the reluctance of her characters, especially Celest, to embrace being superheroes. The bond between siblings and, in turn, their bond with their feisty Grandmother keep the reader smiling even during the intense scenes that make the reader feel like striking out at the demons to help the siblings. As the siblings learn about their powers including where they came from and how to control them, they struggle with how their new powers and responsibilities will affect their lives. Their guide, Alaina, imparts the history behind their powers and responsibilities as well as how to use their powers. They alternately listen to her and rebel against her just as teens are

D. R.T.: Dead Right There by Ray Ellis

D. R. T.: Dead Right Th ere is Ray Ellis's intriguing second book in the Nate Richards series. Ellis once again grabs hold of the reader and won't let go in this intense book. A serial killer is targeting registered sex offenders in the Treasure Valley. Richards and his partner, Mac, must stop him before he completes his list. Ellis takes the reader into the killer's mindset where he believes God is directing him to take out the registered sex offenders. Ellis draws from his own experience as a detective to illustrate the difficulties of life in law enforcement. Richards and Mac miss Thanksgiving dinner with their families because they're called out to a crime scene. Richards love life becomes complicated when he finally decides to start dating again, and Amber, the woman he professed his love to just before she left town, returns. Richards again feels his faith being tested in both his professional life and his personal life. Ellis gives the reader enough insight

The Well Meaning Killer by Miranda Phillips Walker

Miranda Phillips Walker introduces FBI Agent Megan McKenna in The Well Meaning Killer. Walker draws a parallel between McKenna's background and a serial killer's background that is eerie while still portraying that people with similar backgrounds can have very different responses to those events. As McKenna hunts a serial killer who puts his victims in wells, her physical, emotional, and mental strength are challenged. Her tough exterior hides her vulnerability.  Walker delves into the killer's psyche including what created the monster he has become. Walker interweaves a love story that borders on becoming a love triangle into the storyline that leaves the reader unsure where their loyalties lie. She creates characters that the reader wants to know better and characters that will make the reader squirm while reading. There are moments when the reader will be torn between feeling sympathy for the abused little boy and wishing for the death of the monster he becomes. Thoug

Corvallis, Oregon - Big River

Big River, located at 101 NW Jackson Street, provides an atmosphere that is at once casual and elegant lending itself to a nice dinner out or a quick bite just as easily. I've eaten there several times and the food has never disappointed. For my latest dining experience at Big River, I ate the cavatelli along with a salad while my husband ate the River Salad. My salad was, well, a salad. It was fresh enough, but nothing particulary exciting. The cavatelli was so delicious, I ate every last morsel! The corn included in the dish gave it a nice surprise and really completed the dish, and this from someone who doesn't particularly like corn. My husband enjoyed his salad as well. For dessert, I ordered the Chocolate Tier and a cappuccino and my husband ordered the Tiramisu. The Chocolate Tier was fabulous and the cappuccino a nice accompaniment to its sweetness. My husband liked the Tiramisu. Both desserts were so big, we got boxes and brought them home to have after dinner the next

21 Ways to Promote Your Book on Twitter by Cherie Burbach

In 21 Ways to Promote Your Book on Twitter , Cherie Burbach introduces the readers to the importance of Twitter in a book marketing campaign. She explains how Twitter works, debunks some common negative perceptions of Twitter and outlines some of Twitter's best practices. In discussing incorporating Twitter into one's marketing campaign, she alleviates fear that Twitter will be too time consuming by explaining how Twitter can be useful in only twenty minutes a day. Throughout 21 Ways to Promote Your Book on Twitter , Burbach gives concrete and short examples of authors, includinng herself, using Twitter to promote their books and other work. Burbach's tips for using Twitter to promote one's book are easy to understand and easy to follow. She also includes a list of resources to help the author make Twitter work better for them. 21 Ways to Promote Your Book on Twitter is conversational in tone and a quick read filled with information to make one think about the best

Sharpshooter by David Hoof

Sharpshooter by David L. Hoof brought one word to mind repeatedly as I read it: unflinching. The characters were bold, brash, and at times almost too real. The setting was harsh and cold yet beautiful. The story was unapologetic in its examination of human behavior and attitudes. And, all this lead me back to the word unflinching. Hoof's characters' words were often far from politically correct and often made this reader flinch or squirm in her seat yet it depicted the characters' attitudes without question. The characters in the book are deeply flawed but likeable on some level.  As the investigation into the murder of Jeb Holloway, political candidate, evolves, the reader is left to wonder if they really care who killed him even as curiosity drives them to find out. When two seemingly less important citizens are killed, the reader must wonder why their deaths are more disturbing than that of the politician's. The reader will also be torn between wanting the rek

Shrink Rap: Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work by Dinah Miller, M.D., Annette Hanson, M. D., and Steven Roy Daviss, M. D.

Shrink Rap: Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work by Dinah Miller, M.D., Annette Hanson, M. D., and Steven Roy Daviss, M. D. explains the way psychiatrists perform their jobs. They give detailed explanations of the process and example of possible scenarios to illustrate the various aspects of psychiatry. Written for the layman to understand the process, the book still calls for the reader to pay close attention in order to internalize all the nuances included. While the psychiatrists don't always agree, they reflect the myriad differences throughout the psychiatric community. They discuss talk therapy, medicinal treatment, hospitalization, outpatient care, and treatment within the legal system in enough depth to demystify psychiatry for most readers. Still, the book does require a certain level of knowledge to fully assimilate the material. Shrink Rap is a book the reader should plan to spend some time reading and studying. It is filled with a lot of useful information. Shrink R

Killer Instinct by Robert W. Walker

Robert W. Walker introduces Dr. Jessica Coran, pathologist, to readers in Killer Instinct , the first in his Instinct Thrillers. Dr. Coran is an easy to like character who is intelligent and ambitious. While at times, the reader will want to smack her for decisions she makes, she always justifies her decisions, at least to herself. She is strong, quick witted, and intense while remaining feminine. Walker exposes a vampire story that isn't a vampire story in the usual sense. He introduces us to a character who is vampiristic in thought and behavior but all too human complete with frailties. Killer Instinct is populated with characters who will draw the reader in, upset the reader, and confuse the reader all the time keeping the reader fully engaged. As the investigation progresses into a series of murders resulting from blood being slowly drained from the victims and the crime scenes providing little to go on, the skills of Dr. Coran and FBI agent, Otto Boutine, who is dealing wi

Depoe Bay, Oregon - Tidal Raves

Some of you may remember that I've reviewed Tidal Raves , located at 279 NW Highway 101, before, but sometimes a restaurant earns a second review... Last Friday after a long walk on the beach - a walk that felt more like a hike, on the Oregon coast, we decided to eat dinner at Tidal Raves, one of our favorite restaurants, before driving home. We called and got put on the walk-in list as we neared the end of our walk, but we missed the estimated time by about ten or fifteen minutes. The hostess was very nice and put us back in the queue but not at the very end. The place was crowded as usual. The views of the cliffs and the ocean were as spectacular as always.  The food was delicious and beautifully served. My Vegetable Stir Fry was so filling I couldn't finish it, so my husband did. My husband really enjoyed his Green Curry Halibut. My Spicy Margarita was a nice change of pace of a regular margarita but I don't know if I would order it again. My husband ordered a Rouge Dea

Yoga Zone - Yoga for a Strong and Healthy Back

Yoga Zone Yoga for a Strong and Healthy Back contains two programs that could easily be done one right after the other for a longer workout. The instructions are calm, clear and understandable, but the instructors keep talking directly to the other person on the DVD. I found this distracting. I prefer DVDs where the instructor talks directly to the person watching the DVD, the audience, per se. The instructors demonstate and illustrate the poses very well making it easy to follow along. The workouts themselves are appropriate for beginners and perhaps those progressing from beginner level to intermediate. I consider myself intermediate and find the workouts a little too easy. The DVD is excellent for its purpose, focusing on the back. It lengthens, relaxes, and stengthens the back muscles.

Yoga for Stress Relief

Yoga for Stress Relief is a DVD of yoga routines designed to address particular symptoms related to stress. The DVD is divided into four sections: Beginning & Ending Your Day, Neck, Shoulder, & Back Issues, Easing Your Mind, and Stomach & Digestion Issues. Many of the routines are geared to specific stress related symptoms like tension headaches, insomnia, neck pain, back pain and breathing. There's even one called "Mood Uplift" for when you just feel a little less than enthused. In all, there are twenty routines of varying intensity and length leaving one little to no excuse for skipping a workout. The length of each routine is clearly noted on the menu, so one knows exactly how long the routine will take. The poses in all the routines are clearly demonstrated and described in a calm, soothing voice. Some props are required to do the poses correctly. The routines contain many of the same elements combined in different sequences allowing the body and the mi

Golf Girl's Little Tartan Book by Patricia Harrington

Golf Girl's Little Tartan Book by Patricia Hannigan has me gushing over it. I don't usually gush over books, but you'll have to indulge me this one. Patricia's short, well-written book addresses all those silly concerns women tend to give themselves over the game of golf with a great sense of humor and gentle reassures that it's perfectly fine to be the woman you are when on the course. I couldn't believe how many times I caught myself going "Oh, darn, I do that." or "Shoot, I worry about that." I laughed out loud through the entire "Squeeze and Swing" chapter. Best advice ever for women golfers!! The book inspired me to finally get up the courage to go play the local par 3 course, and I kept remembering that chapter all day!! Fabulous little book for all women golfers if for no other reason than Hannigan encourages and reminds us that it's okay to just play for fun and to stop worrying about all the nonsense. I love the wa

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

  Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is a spiritual memoir. While at times engaging and interesting, it also tends to be whiny and annoying at times. It is always well written though. If one can get past the first half to two-thirds of the book, the end does pick up a bit. The descriptions of place, food, and moments in time are enticing. Gilbert's honesty about her struggles with meditation and silence will resonate with many readers. Her struggles with indulgences and her vows to herself are honest and raw almost to the point of leaving the reader feeling like a voyeuer.

Orlando, Florida - The Greek Corner Restaurant - 2011 Trip

The Greek Corner Restaurant , located at 1600 N. Orange Avenue, has casual outdoor seating as well as indoor seating. We chose to eat outside even though it started to rain as we arrived. Luckily, there were seats under the canopy. I ordered the pita pizza with mushroom and onion as the other vegetarian options looked like they'd been too much food. I wasn't very hungry. The pizza had some hits and misses. It was a little heavy on the onions, and the mushrooms tasted like canned mushrooms. The sauce was delicious, the feta chees was abundant, and the crust was nicely crisped . My husband had a Grilled Designer Chicken sandwish which he described at good but not great. We split a dessert, Galaktoboureko. We found it a little plain, but the pastry added a nice texture to the custard. Our waiter was efficient but not exactly friendly but not really unfriendly either. Apparently, we arrived as they were preparing to close, which surprised us as it was quite early; however, we heard

Lakeland, Florida - Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille - 2011 Trip

Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille , located at 101 North Kentucky Avenue (they scored a half point with this Kentucky girl just based on their choice of address), gives off a combination homey and hometown bar vibe. The decor has a musical influence that definitely speaks to jazz. From the moment we arrived, the staff strove to make sure we were comfortable and taken care of. They inquired as to what we needed and when. When I told the waitress we were waiting on friends, she actually smiled and asked if we needed anything while we waited. Her smiling attitude lasted through our very long lunch. By the time we left, it was practically time to order dinner!! When I asked if I could have the Pasta Chicken Louisianne sans the chicken, she smiled and said "of course" without missing a beat!  My pasta tasted excellent and was very filling. I couldn't finish it, especially since I'd already picked out the dessert I wanted. I also ordered a Harry's Hurricane which was

Orlando, Florida - Ethos Vegan Kitchen - 2011 Trip

Ethos Vegan Kitchen , 1235 N. Orange Avenue, Suite 101, concentrates on serving healthy and filling vegan cuisine. Patrons order at the counter before finding seating in a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere. There's a bit of a cafe vibe.While waiting on the food to be served, we enjoyed looking at the nice selection of artwork on the walls.  The staff answered questions and showed patience as we perused the menu taking our time to decide what to order.   My "What's the Dilly, Philly?" sandwich tasted really good and filled me up quickly. They readily accommodated my request for no veganaise. I accompanied my meal with a glass of organic white wine, Xarello, that was also delicious. My husband thoroughly enjoyed the Coconut Curry Wrap and a beer, Peak. We left the restaurant full and happy even though neither of us is vegan. I'm a vegetarian, and my husband is a meat eater. Our only complaint with this restaurant was when we returned on Sunday night for another dinner,

Cocoa Beach, Florida - Coconuts on the Beach - 2011 Trip

Coconuts on the Beach, located at 2 Minutemen Causeway, has one thing going for it. It is on the beach and view of the water is spectacular. Service was among the worst I've ever seen. Our waitress seemed angry and defensive. When I inquired about getting a pasta dish without chicken because the menu was sadly lacking in anything for the vegetarian, she couldn't hide her irritation as she told me they didn't serve that for lunch. Okay, perhaps, I should've looked at the menu more closely, but she could've at least been polite about it. When my husband couldn't find our waitress and called over another waitress to send back his undercooked tuna, she came to the table and started arguing that he got what he ordered. I couldn't believe it. My husband later joked that if she thought her cleavage display was going to make up for bad service and earn her a good tip, she was sadly mistaken. We felt like our presence was an inconvenience to the waitress and therefor

Orlando, Florida - Le Rouge - 201 Trip

Le Rouge , located at 7730 West Sand Lake Road, is a wine and tapas bar. We took seats outdoors to enjoy the Florida night air. Our table ordered espresso, cappachino, and hot tea. The coffee was fine but not outstanding. Hot tea is well hot tea. The outdoor seating provides a nice, comfortable atmosphere conducive to chatting and relaxing together even though it overlooks the parking lot. We were entertained by the occasional sounds of singing coming from indoors. I'm guessing karoake. Service was efficient and our server made it known she was available if we needed anything but didn't interfere with our conversation.

Orlando, Florida - Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant - 2011 Trip

Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant , located at 7760 West Sand Lake Road, provides an inviting, vibrant atmosphere that brings a little extra energy to diners. The servers are very friendly and helpful. The menu doesn't provide much information in regards to vegetarian dishes, so diners must ask the server. The server, however, was more than happy to provide vegetarian options when asked. Our table split the vegetable spring rolls, and everyone enjoyed them. I ordered the mango mojito. While it tasted okay, it would've benefited from a little more mango puree. My entree was the portobello mushrrooms with vegetables. The chef opted without prompting to add greens to my entree as I'd requested it without the cheese that normally accompanied it. The dish including the greens was excellent.  My husband had a fish dish that he said was tasty though he wished he'd realized it came with bacon, so he could've requested the bacon be omitted.  The table split the chocolate

Orlando, Florida - Cedars Restaurant - 2011 Trip

  Cedars Restaurant , located at 7732 W. Sand Lake Road, serves Lebanese cuisine. Our waitress was attentive and helpful. She spoke Arabic with my husband but was always careful to then include me by saying something in English. Little did she know that it didn't bother me, but the effort was appreciated. When I inquired about vegetarian fare, she recommended the vegetarian sampler of appetizers. My husband ordered the Kibbeh Bi Laban. My vegetarian sampler came with hummus, falafel, tabouleh, and fatayer (spinach pies). It usually comes with baba ghanouj, but I'm not a fan so she substituted extra falafel. My sampler was good even thought I don't really like cooked spinach. The fatayer was well cooked though ,and my husband enjoyed it. He liked his Kibbeh Bi Laban. We split an order of knafe for dessert. It tasted good. The temperature in the restaurant was quite cold, but the patio is their smoking section. We didn't move. Cold versus cigarette smoke is an easy decisi

Vero Beach, Florida - Cravings - 2011 Trip

Cravings , located 3149 Ocean Drive, is a little shop that serves cookies, coffee, and a number of other things including some smoothies that sounded delicious. I'm still kicking myself for not trying one. The coffee hit the spot and the cookies were quite tasty though my husband complained that the oatmeal cookie wasn't chewy. It wasn't fancy, but the place was full. And, apparently, they have some kind of refill deal as I saw several people bring in their cups and get refills without paying while I debated what I wanted to order. The service was quite friendly but this isn't the place to go if you're in a rush. The atmosphere of the staff and the customers is very laid back. If I'm ever in Vero Beach again, I'm going back to try one of the Greek yogurt smoothies and get another cookie.

Lake Park, Florida - The Pelican Cafe - 2011 Trip

The Pelican Cafe , 612 US Highway, brings a smile to one's face before one even enters the door. Guests, okay customers, are greeted with a light, natural floral smell - jasmine, I think - upon exiting their vehicles in the parking lot. The entrance looks like the front porch to a home where everyone is always welcome. Stepping inside, we were greeted by a hostess, who I later learned is one of the restaurant's owners. She took the time to ask about our day and chitchat a minute about the weather before showing us to our seats. Her smile and her interest were genuine. Service was friendly and bustling as well as attentive without being intrusive. As locals wandered in to the restaurant, we got a feel for the homey atmostphere enjoyed by patrons. It wasn't only the decor, it was the way the staff interacted with people - like they were family or at least good friends stopping by for a visit. We ordered the Egg White Frittata and the Blueberry Pancakes along with cappachinos.

Key Biscayne, Florida - Linda B Steakhouse - 2011 Trip

When we ate dinner at Linda B Steakhouse, located at 320 Crandon Boulevard, there were few patrons. It was early evening, so I can't say if that's the norm. They seated us near a window overlooking the parking lot. The decor was rather homey and inviting. I ordered ravioli and my husband ordered a chicken dish. The ravioli tasted fine but wasn't exactly memorable. My husband said his chicken tasted good. The service was quick and efficient if not exactly friendly. I don't think our waiter smiled even once. We skipped dessert because we... well, just wanted to leave. We also felt the meal was overpriced for what it was. As we left I noticed a piano, so I would assume there's live music at some time or the other. The restaurant seemed to hold promise that it just didn't quite fulfill.

Miami Beach, Florida - David's Cafe - 2011 Trip

We went to David's Cafe , located at 1058 Collins Avenue, on recommendation from a couple we chatted with at breakfast while in Miami Beach. They recommended we have pastry and Cuban coffee, but we were still too full from breakfast to even contemplate the pastry. When we arrived, large men seemed to be standing guard at the entrance to David's Cafe. They opened the door for us as we entered. I giggled. I couldn't help it. I'm not sure why they were there, but they reminded me of bouncers at a nightclub. We wandered in to a dining/bar area and sat at the bar. We ordered Cuban coffee. It's dark, rich, and very sweet. I loved it. My husband on the other hand thought it was too sweet. He asked the waiter if he could get one without sugar. The waiter explained that Cuban coffee is typically sweet as he replaced it with an unsweetened one for which we weren't charged. I looked around the room as I sipped my coffee. The atmosphere was at once relaxing and energizing t

Miami Beach, Florida - The Front Porch Cafe - 2011 Trip

Aptly named,  The Front Porch Cafe , located at 1458 Ocean Drive, is on the front porch! Thank goodness it's a covered porch because it was raining when we ate there. I found this restaurant on the Internet and wanted to go there for one reason. They reeled me in with the description of their granola pancake. They seated us, and I immediately realized private conversation wasn't going to happen. The couple next to us could hear every word we said and vice versa. We looked the menu over. I ordered the granola pancakes with fruit and a latte. My husband ordered the Mediterranean Omelette and a latte. The couple next to us smiled at each other when we placed our order. Then they proceeded to tell us how good the granola pancake is and how filling. According to them, if you can eat the whole thing you won't need another meal until dinner! When my pancakes arrived, I stared at the plate in disbelief. The serving was huge. My husband and I split his omelette and the pancakes. The

NoVe Kitchen & Bar

The receptionist at the hotel front desk directed us to NoVe Kitchen & Bar , located at 1750 N. Bayshore Drive, for "nightlife". I'm not sure she understood what we wanted. We were looking for live music or something along those lines. NoVe is a sidewalk restaurant is great views of... the street. There was no live music that night. Apparently that's reserved for weekends. A quick browse of the menu made me wish we'd eaten dinner there instead of at the Chinese restaurant we'd just left. We wanted dessert and ordered the panqueque with dulce de leche flambee and vanilla ice cream, a cappachino, and an espresso. We shared the panqueque with dulce de leche flambee and vanilla ice cream. I drank the cappachino and my husband drank the espresso. The panqueque with dulce de leche flambee and vanilla ice cream was delicious and the presentation of the flambee aspect was nicely done even though the wind made it difficult for the waiter to get it started. Flaming

Opposites Attract: A Haiku Tete-A-Tete by Mary Braun and Adam Kupka

Opposites Attract: A Haiku Tete-A-Tete by Mary Braun and Adam Kupka is a delightful read. The back and forth of the haiku on each topic makes the reader think, laugh, or nod but always smile just a little or a lot. I played with reading the topic in the middle of the page before the haiku and after the haiku just for the fun of it. I wanted to see if I could guess the topic without knowing. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. The occasional haiku will give the reader pause and demand a re-read for clarity or just for enjoyment. Overall, Opposites A ttract is a fun, quick, inspiring read. I actually felt inspired to write a haiku - three actually - as I read this book, and while I'm a poet, I generally steer clear of writing haiku. Even for those who aren't normally poetry readers, this book is an excellent introduction into the idea that poetry can be fun to read!