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August Reads 2022

The Collected Poems of Bertolt Brecht  translated and edited by Tom Kuhn and David Constantine  is a very long book of poetry. I finally finished reading The Collected Poems of Bertolt Brecht. It took me a full eight months to read this book having started it on January 1, 2022 and finished on August 31, 2022. Brecht's poems made me smile, squirm, and wince. Brecht's range of topics combined with his examinations of emotions makes for an intense, thought provoking, emotion provoking read. While some of the poems are definitely poems of the time in which they were written, they provide a glimpse into life during those times and often feel more apropos to today's world than one would think at first read. While I am very glad to be finished with this book, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys poetry and/or those interested in World War II. The House of Mondavi: The Rise and Fall of An American Wine Dynasty by Julia Flynn Siler is an intriguing look inside the Mondavi fam