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Ancient Shadows by Joanne Pence

Joanne Pence's Ancient Shadows lurks in the corners and hides behind the curtains keeping the reader on edge. Best known for her Angie Amalfi series, Pence seems to have found a new stride with her Michael Rempart books. Filled with mysticism, mythology, and mystery, Ancient Shadows delves into ancient beliefs and supernatural occurrences with characters who are at once intriguing and infuriating. Pence takes the reader around the world with stops in Italy, Canada, Los Angeles, Idaho, and China in search of answers about how to contain the power of a red pearl, and alchemist's stone. She weaves folklore and mythology into a tale of avarice and power reminding us that when the supernatural offers to make dreams come true, there's always a high price to pay. Ancient Shadows creates worlds within worlds and leaves the reader unsure who is trustworthy and what is real keeping the reader on edge looking for the next mirage to be exposed and the next demon to be revealed putti