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April 2022 Books

  It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis was a difficult read in many ways though it was an interesting book overall. The first few chapters offered a slow build reminding me how much writing styles have changed. Lewis examines a way it could happen here, but I have to admit I found it hard to believe it could happen as easily as it did in this book though another part of me wonders if that's just wishful thinking. For those who don't know, "it" is fascism, and "here" is the United States in this book. Lewis details how the people's desires can be used against them to achieve political means. Parts of the books seem predictive, and parts of the book seem unrealistic. While It Can't Happen Here is clearly fiction, Lewis reminds us all that the way it can't happen is here if we don't let it happen here. It Can't Happen Here definitely reads like a cautionary tale and not a book written solely for entertainment. I found it heavy but i