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February 2022 Books

Come As You Are: The Surprising Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life by Emily Nagoski surprised me in myriad ways. I didn't expect it to make the science so approachable. Nagoski focuses on acceptance of once self without trying to force one's self into conventional roles. She explores the science of genitalia with the theme of "all the same parts, organized in different ways" repeatedly because of how it applies to various aspects of sexuality and sexual identity. While I knew this on some level, Nagoski brought the concept to life in a way I didn't expect. I enjoyed Come As You Are quite a bit but did wonder about whether or not new research had been done in some areas. It wasn't until I was writing this review that I realized I bought the 2015 version, so I don't know how much the 2021 version is updated on the science. Nagoski's writes about sex, gender, and sexuality in a way that is engaging, inviting, and nonthreatening yet still grounded

January 2022 Books

  American Grown by Michelle Obama inspired me to rethink our backyard garden and find ways to make it more productive. Vegetables fresh from the garden are so tasty and healthy. I want to grow more, but I often slack off because I want to enjoy other things.  Obama and other contributors are very upbeat and optimistic about gardening.  American Grown shows garden plans, the benefits of gardens, the benefits of moving more, and the benefits of eating more vegetables. I did, however, take issue with some of the nutritional information cited regarding other dietary choices as I know there is research that contradicts it. There are several recipes included in the book, a few would even qualify as vegan or vegetarian, and I plan to adapt some of them for my household and possibly my cooking blog, Vegan Cooking with TLC . Walden and Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau was an interesting read. I had long wanted to read both works, so I was happy to find them in one book. I really th