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The Wasteland by T. S. Eliot

I decided I needed to read The Wasteland by T. S. Eliot because well... it's by T. S. Eliot and it's an important poem... Not the best reason for reading a poem, but at least it brought me to it. That said, it felt oddly familiar and completely unfamiliar all at once. I read the words and felt taken away from reality and immersed in reality all at once. Eliot hit on universal truths that will mean different things to different people at different times in their lives. I read it slowly - intentionally slowly - over several night, so I could think about the words and the message. The Wasteland sparked thoughts about the current state of the world in which we live forcing me to wonder just how much things really change yet there were moments when I struggled to connect to Eliot's words.  

Summer Doesn't Dance Anymore by Tammy Ruggles

In Summer Doesn't Dance Anymore , a short story by Tammy Ruggles, Summer loses her desire to continue dancing, her passion in life, signaling her best friend, Ellie, to reach out to her friend and those around her to figure out what has caused Summer to withdraw from life and her passion for dancing. In this tightly written story, Ruggles explores Summer's pain and reaction to a life event that has her questioning everything about herself and her life. Summer Doesn't Dance Anymore is a compassionately written story that many girls and women will relate to.