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Spirit Horses by Alan S. Evans

S pirit Horses by Alan S. Evans is a story of hope and resilience. Evans drops us into the world of horses and indigenous peoples in this story of love, loss, and living. He examines the connection we all share as inhabitants of this planet and the role greed plays to divide and destroy in the name of amassing wealth. Interwoven with characters who are easy to relate to, Spirit Horses reminds us of the importance of embracing those we love and the world we cherish. Evans spotlights the important of communication in understanding one another while never forgetting that every action and reaction communicates something even if it's not what we intend. I was drawn into Spirit Horses, and I loved the scenes where the characters watched the wild horses in their natural habitat. In a story that on the surface appears to pit tradition against modernity, Spirit Horses digs deeper to encourage us all to see one another more clearly, respect those we don't quite understand, and seek to

The ROMANCE of CUNNILINGUS: Tips from Both Sides of the Tongue by J. R. Luxor

The ROMANCE of CUNNILINGUS by J.R. Luxor, John Reimann (Editor), and Mislav Marahnic' (Photographer) takes a look at demystifying cunnilingus. Luxor approaches the subject with a dash of romance, a pinch of humor, and a sprinkle of seriousness. Encouragement for better communication between partners and a better understanding of anatomy fill this small book. The ROMANCE of CUNNILINGUS is a quick and easy to understand read that offers those interested an opening to have the conversation with a trusted sexual partner.

The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert

The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert grabbed my attention from the first page. Kolbert illustrates the future of extinction by illuminating the history of extinction. She tells a story of the Earth we inhabit in both scientific and historical terms related to the myriad species of animals that have and do inhabit the Earth. She travels to myriad places on the Earth to talk to scientists and historians. I felt like she took me along on her journey to places I would never go on my own. She discussed the effects of natural processes as well as unnatural processes affecting the extinction of species and how those extinctions lead to other extinctions. Her references to previous mass extinctions were always linked to the story of our Earth and present-day extinctions. She talked about frogs, bats, auks, coral, and trees among other things. The Sixth Extinction doesn't shy away from pointing out how each species is a part of an ecosystem and how all our eco