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Louisville, Kentucky - North End Cafe

North End Cafe located at 2116 Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky is an inviting little cafe where one can sit over a leisurely meal and chat with friends. The wild mushroom lasagna was very tasty but a little heavy on the spinach for my taste; however someone who really likes spinach would probably enjoy it. The chocolate torte was tasty enough that I wished I hadn't gotten so full eating the lasagna. Our waiter was friendly but not intrusive. I would definitely eat at North End Cafe again if for no other reason than I'd love to try the Chickpea & Quinoa Cake.

Lexington, Kentucky - Alfalfa Restaurant

Alfalfa Restaurant located at 141 E. Main Street, Lexington, Kentucky is a restaurant that focuses on serving local foods in its recipes. They have an interesting menu with a nice range of vegetarian options as well as  options for meat eaters. The restaurant is welcoming and relaxing. The cold cucumber soup was good. The red beans were delicious and filling. The cheesecake was also tasty. All four of us enjoyed our food. The waitress was helpful, friendly, and energetic. I would definitely eat at Alfalfa again!

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wrobleweski

David Wrobleweski grabs the reader's heart and imagination early on in The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and doesn't let go. Wrobleweski creates a setting in which the reader feels long grass scratching the characters' legs, smells the barn filled with dogs, and hears the silence of Edgar's inability to speak. The reader gets immersed in Edgar's life, but often feels as disconnected as the characters within the pages of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle are from one another. Wrobleweski weaves a tale family function and dysfunction that draws the reader into the lives of the characters in way that at times feels voyeuristic. While at times the reader feels uncertain about the decisions of the characters and will be hesitant to read on in case something happens to one of the dogs, the need to know will overwhelm that hesitancy. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle develops the story that needs to be told without apologizing for the journey on which it takes the reader even when expo

The Note by Mike O' Mary

The Note by Mike O' Mary encourages people to thanks those who make a difference in their lives. O' Mary shares his own story of receiving thanks and how it changed his relationship with his sister and therefore his life. O' Mary's personal story drives home how we often don't know the impact we've had in another person's life. The book is short and simple but well written. As someone who already makes an effort to always thank those who make a difference in my life, I didn't find it revolutionary; however, it was an enjoyable read. I could see how some people might find it inspiring.

Louisville, Kentucky - Roots

Roots is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant with the motto "mindful, compassionate cooking" located at 1216 Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky. Located in a semi-residential area, Roots decor has a modern but relaxing feel. It was the perfect place for  lunch after spending the night flying. My Vietnamese Crepe was quite tasty, and my dining companion enjoyed the Green Curry Soup. The extensive selection of teas would be enough to tempt me to return even if the food wasn't as tasty as it was. The meal was light but filling. I enjoyed the Organic Fine Lung Ching "Dragon's Well" Green Tea very much. The only downer was the cappuccino which had an artificial taste. The waiter offered to refund our money for those. We were unable to finish them. I would definitely eat at Roots again if I lived in Louisville.

Cincinnati, Ohio - The Celestial Steakhouse

The Celestial Steakhouse , 1071 Celestial Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, is an elegant yet comfortable restaurant with excellent views of the Cincinnati skyline. The atmosphere is relaxing and indulgent. The wait staff is extremely accommodating and helpful. They worked with me to accommodate View from The Celestial Steakhouse my vegetarian requests without hesitation. I ordered the beefsteak tomato tower without the avocado. It was pretty and delicious. I requested the Jumbo Shrimp Penne without the shrimp. Again, it was beautifully prepared and delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed it and took the leftovers with me for later. My dinner companions enjoyed their filet mignon and Mediterranean Lamb dishes. Desserts included a chocolate torte, creme brulee, and cheesecake. We shared the three desserts, so I can attest that all three were delicious. My torte was my favorite though. The Celestial Steakhouse provided a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere with delicious food!