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A Touch of Class Vintage Day Spa

A while back I decided to treat myself to a massage. I talked myself out of it for several months before I finally called A Touch of Class to set up an appointment. It was my second ever professional massage. I've never quite understood the appeal of a massage, and my first encounter didn't leave me wanting me to race back for another. Finally, in early January, I called and made an appointment for the shortest and most basic session offered.  I arrived to a small building in back of a house. Stepping inside, I immediately understood why they dubbed themselves vintage. The decor is homey and welcoming with none of the sterile atmosphere many modern spas have adopted. Both have their advantages. I sat a table set for tea in a room that looked like a tea house. The desk was discreetly tucked to one side. The massage began with a complimentary infrared sauna session. I entered the sauna room. It's a small room with a couple of chairs, a water dispenser, cups, books, and a

Prasad Cuisine in Portland, Oregon

Prasad Cuisine , located in the front area of a yoga studio, is a great place to grab a quick bite. There are a few tables to sit and enjoy one's meal after ordering at the counter. We had two bowls, the chili bowl and the brahma bowl, and cups of hot chocolate. Both bowls were tasty and filling. The hot chocolate tasted good but was a little too sweet for our taste; however, it would probably work well for those who enjoy sweet hot chocolate. After the hot chocolate, neither of us wanted dessert. Prasad offers a quick, nutritious vegan meal in an inviting and comfortable setting but isn't the place to linger over a meal.