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Consenting Adults by J. Lea Lopez

J. Lea Lopez reminds the reader that consent and eroticism make the best of friends in each of the five stories in Consenting Adults . Stories examine insecurities, fantasies, romance, and the eroticism inherent in consensual sex. While all the stories reference sexual conduct in some way, some are much for erotic and graphic than others. Some read more romantic than erotic, and some much more erotic than romantic. Lopez offers a quick, easy read in each of these short stories.  

A Gift of Wings by Stephanie Stamm

Stephanie Stamm takes us on a whirlwind journey through mysticism, mythology, and religion ideology in A Gift of Wings . As I settled down to read A Gift of Wings , I soon discovered myself pulled into a world that was all at once familiar and completely foreign. Stamm took me soaring through the air and dragged me through the streets of Chicago. She teased my senses and tested my sense of reality. My heart ached for Lucky. Lucky must make sense of her beloved G-Ma's transition into an assisted living facility just as she begins to have experiences that force her to question her sanity. When she learns that what thinks are hallucinations are real, she struggles to accept her new reality. When the people around her fight over the role she must play in the battle between supernatural factions, Lucky finds herself struggling to figure out who is good and who is evil. The decision is made for her when her cousin, an innocent, is attacked in order to force the issue. Lucky learns of f