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October Reads 2022

  Dangerous Journey by Joanne Pence is an ebook that I've had for quite a while and just got around to reading. It's a love story with the usual twists and turns of a romance but also with enough of a unique touch to keep me interested. With a dash of humor, a dash of adventure, a dash of family dynamics, a dash of insecurity and then another, a dash of romance, and a dash of crime, Dangerous Journey fits a lot into a quick, easy, and fun read that also reminded me why romances often get on my nerves. Yet, I must admit I rather enjoyed it for a light read that didn't require me to think all that hard. Rachel Pollacks's Tarot Wisdom: Spiritual Teachers and Deeper Meanings by Rachel Pollack was another of those books I bought and then kept moving down in my to-be-read pile. I bought this book as research for a character I was toying with including in a book/story. As of yet, that character hasn't materialized and the initial idea fizzled away. I finally started rea