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Two Cooks A-Killing by Joanne Pence

Joanne Pence's Two Cooks A-Killing is an amusing and entertaining mystery that centers around her series character Angie Amalfi and Angie's fiance, Detective Paavo Smith. Angie's naivete about the real continues to put her in dangerous situations as she makes decisions that leave the reader wanting to grab her by the shoulders and give her a good shake. I laughed out loud when Angie replaced the winery's wine with a better stating wine and serves it to the cast of those there for the shooting of the Christmas special of an old television show, Eagle Crest as well as the owners of the winery where the show is shot, especially when one of the sons of the estate's owner asks if it's their wine. Something about this book reminded me of the days when I used to sneak viewings of Falcon Crest because my parents didn't think I should watch the show. Two Cooks A-Killing: An Angie Amalfi Mystery is a quick, easy, fun, entertaining read.

Death of a Flapper by Marva Dale

Death Of A Flapper (Death By Decades) by Marva Dale immerses the reader in to the 1920s complete with a noir feel. The detective, the damsel in distress, mobsters, class division, and blurred lines inhabit the pages of Death of a Flapper. Dale creates a world filled with characters the reader will love to hate and hate to love - sometimes the same character at different points in the book. Private Detective Carney Brogan's obsession with murdered flapper, Alice Prado aka Arabella Germaine, goes beyond solving her murder as struggles with his own reaction to a portrait of her. As he investigates all possibilities, the reader alternately hope the murderer is one character and then the next creating a whirlwind of emotions as the story progresses.

Venus in Fur at The Majestic Theatre

The Majestic Theatre is currently presenting the play, Venus in Fur, a play within a play exploring gender roles and attitudes. Pat Kight directs this play in which two actors present the entire story without an intermission. Set during rehearsals for a play, the actors delve into the story within the play breaking to discuss the finer points and to attend to personal business. Vonda's ill-fitting costume seemed as much as prop as the furniture on the stage but still made me want to squirm for the actress at times. The story is intriguing and coaxes laughter as well as moments of introspection from the audience. As Vonda forces the playwright to defend his seemingly sexist words in some of the scenes, the audience alternately feels for him and agrees with her. He seems to think he's creating a strong female character while Vonda thinks he's creating a character coerced into playing a role she doesn't wish to play. In this struggle for dominance over one another, what

Ramsi's Cafe on the World in Louisville, Kentucky

Ramsi's Cafe on the World , located at 1293 Bardstown Road, Louisville, Kentucky, has an extensive vegan menu as well as non-vegan dishes. The food is well-prepared using organic and local food. The service is friendly and accommodating. The atmosphere is inviting and comfortable. We ordered the Sahara Soup and Raw Hope Salad to start our meal. Both were quite tasty. The soup qualified as comfort food and the salad was light and crisp. For entrees, I ordered the Quinoa Kiki and my dining partner ordered The Spice Market. Both were delightful and filling even though we would've have preferred no oil. I'm sure the oil content would've been fine for people who eat oil. The mint green tea complemented the meal perfectly. Overall, we enjoyed a delightful dining experience. I would definitely eat at Ramsi's Cafe on the World given the opportunity.