A Week in Summer by Maeve Binchy

A Week in Summer by Maeve Binchy is a sweet short story filled with reminders that life and love are rarely as simple as we'd like. People are complex and relating to one another isn't always as easy as we'd like. Yet, there can be moments that change everything often seeming serendipitous. Binchy writes characters in relatable dilemmas that feel like they could be real sometimes with an interesting twist that changes the perspective of both the characters and the reader. A Week in Summer exposes a couple who seem to have drifted apart and fallen into a bit of a rut in their routine to a new way of looking at not only the world but their relationship in the process. Binchy's development of the couple in the story and the connection to the past that showed them the possibility for a future made me think about life and the connections in my own life. A Week in Summer explores the complexities and the simplicities of life and relationships in what is far more than the vacation at its center.

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