Sunday, May 6, 2012

101 Essential Tips Golf by Peter Ballingball

101 Essential Tips Golf by Peter Ballingball is a great little snapshot of tips to get the novice started.  The information and illustrations make the book super easy to understand and follow.  It's not going to teach someone to play golf, but it will help the reader understand what he/she is learning and why movements work.  The book includes a chart to help the beginning golfer decide which club is best for which situation.  It also provides descriptions of the myriad equipment involved in the game.  Exercises to aid a beginning golfer in strengthening and stretching the muscles golfer's most use are illustrated and described.  101 Essential Tips Golf is a nice little book that will fit in one's golf bag or would be easy to take a long when shopping for equipment.  It's a quick read for an afternoon when a golf game gets rained out! 

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