Miami Beach, Florida - The Front Porch Cafe - 2011 Trip

Aptly named, The Front Porch Cafe, located at 1458 Ocean Drive, is on the front porch! Thank goodness it's a covered porch because it was raining when we ate there. I found this restaurant on the Internet and wanted to go there for one reason. They reeled me in with the description of their granola pancake. They seated us, and I immediately realized private conversation wasn't going to happen. The couple next to us could hear every word we said and vice versa. We looked the menu over. I ordered the granola pancakes with fruit and a latte. My husband ordered the Mediterranean Omelette and a latte. The couple next to us smiled at each other when we placed our order. Then they proceeded to tell us how good the granola pancake is and how filling. According to them, if you can eat the whole thing you won't need another meal until dinner! When my pancakes arrived, I stared at the plate in disbelief. The serving was huge. My husband and I split his omelette and the pancakes. The omelette tasted good but needed a little more goat cheese that was more evenly distribution. The pancake tasted great and was definitely filling. We left more on the plate than I would've liked, but we were both just too full to eat any more of it. The lattes were tasty but not outstanding. The service was very slow and nonintrusive while remaining polite enough if not necessarily friendly. I would return here for breakfast if for no other reason than to have that granola pancake again.


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