The Sentry by Robert Crais

Robert Crais kidnaps the reader once again in The Sentry, but the reader doesn't wish to be rescued, well unless Joe Pike and Elvis Cole are the rescuers. The reader feels like they are protected from the injustices of the world while visiting with old friends, Joe Pike and Elvis Cole, in this adventure filled with twists and turns. Crais lets the reader see just enough of Pike to want more but not enough to solve the mystery of Pike. The mystery of Pike and the humor of Cole are much of what keep me coming back for more from Crais with each book. In The Sentry, Pike's integrity won't allow him to turn his back on a woman he perceives in need of saving. Once in motion, Pike can't be stopped. His sense of right and wrong drives him to find the truth, save the girl, solve the crime, and make things right even if it puts him in danger in ways that go beyond the physical. Crais deftly balances Pike's stoicism with Cole's humor while letting the reader get to know Pike a little better and yet, Pike remains a mystery. As usual, Crais delivers a story so engrossing when it ends the reader only has one question. When do I get more of Joe Pike and Elvis Cole?


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