Cocoa Beach, Florida - Coconuts on the Beach - 2011 Trip

Coconuts on the Beach, located at 2 Minutemen Causeway, has one thing going for it. It is on the beach and view of the water is spectacular. Service was among the worst I've ever seen. Our waitress seemed angry and defensive. When I inquired about getting a pasta dish without chicken because the menu was sadly lacking in anything for the vegetarian, she couldn't hide her irritation as she told me they didn't serve that for lunch. Okay, perhaps, I should've looked at the menu more closely, but she could've at least been polite about it. When my husband couldn't find our waitress and called over another waitress to send back his undercooked tuna, she came to the table and started arguing that he got what he ordered. I couldn't believe it. My husband later joked that if she thought her cleavage display was going to make up for bad service and earn her a good tip, she was sadly mistaken. We felt like our presence was an inconvenience to the waitress and therefore the restaurant. My salad was mediocre at best and drenched in dressing. It reminded me why I started ordering my dressing on the side or my salad without dressing years ago. My mango daquiri reminded me of baby aspirin dissolved in water. I can't imagine returning to Coconuts on the Beach unless I had no other option whatsoever.


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