Skylight Confessions by Alice Hoffman

Skylight Confession by Alice Hoffman is a touching examination of life, mistakes, and family.  Hoffman creates characters whose experiences will strike an emotional chord with the reader.  Hoffman explores the marriage and family of the John and Arlyn Moody.  John and Arlyn are dran to one another despite the pain they cause each other.  Their children, Sam and Blanca, lead lives filled with their own brands of desperation and pain.  Will, John and Arlyn's grandson, struggles to put together the pieces of this family to find his own identity.  Hoffman's use of the glass house as a witness to the family's trials and tribulations as well as a symbol of the inability to truly hide from the truth is well incorporated and brilliant.  Skylight Confessions is an intense, engrossing novel that will leave the reader questioning both the reality and the image of his/her own family.


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