Get Known Before the Book Deal by Christina Katz

Get Known Before the Book Deal by Christina Katz focuses on building a platform to create a foundation for a successful writing career.  Katz addresses reaching and building an audience not writing technique. She is quick to point out Get Known Before the Book Deal assumes the writer already knows how to write well and works on improving craft.  Get Known Before the Book Deal is geared toward the beginning writer but more seasoned authors can also find helpful information.  While primarily written with the nonfiction writer in mind, the fiction author can also learn much from the book but may find that parts of it don't necessarily fit well into his/her plan.  Get Known Before Before the Book Deal shows the author how to build/remodel a platform that will keep his/her name in front of the appropriate audience by informing, inspiring, and remaining professional.  Katz approaches builing a platform for building a successful writing career with an inviting, easy to understand, engaging writing style that simplifies the platform building and maintaining process with steps that are easy to implement, easy to understand, filled with common sense, and fun!


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