NoVe Kitchen & Bar

The receptionist at the hotel front desk directed us to NoVe Kitchen & Bar, located at 1750 N. Bayshore Drive, for "nightlife". I'm not sure she understood what we wanted. We were looking for live music or something along those lines. NoVe is a sidewalk restaurant is great views of... the street. There was no live music that night. Apparently that's reserved for weekends. A quick browse of the menu made me wish we'd eaten dinner there instead of at the Chinese restaurant we'd just left. We wanted dessert and ordered the panqueque with dulce de leche flambee and vanilla ice cream, a cappachino, and an espresso. We shared the panqueque with dulce de leche flambee and vanilla ice cream. I drank the cappachino and my husband drank the espresso. The panqueque with dulce de leche flambee and vanilla ice cream was delicious and the presentation of the flambee aspect was nicely done even though the wind made it difficult for the waiter to get it started. Flaming desserts are always fun! The coffee was also very tasty. We sat for a long time enjoying the weather, watching traffic and people, and chatting with the waiter. My husband also took several photos of the street. No one rushed us or hinted it was time to go. If in Miami, I would definitely go to NoVe again.


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