D. R.T.: Dead Right There by Ray Ellis

D. R. T.: Dead Right There is Ray Ellis's intriguing second book in the Nate Richards series. Ellis once again grabs hold of the reader and won't let go in this intense book. A serial killer is targeting registered sex offenders in the Treasure Valley. Richards and his partner, Mac, must stop him before he completes his list. Ellis takes the reader into the killer's mindset where he believes God is directing him to take out the registered sex offenders. Ellis draws from his own experience as a detective to illustrate the difficulties of life in law enforcement. Richards and Mac miss Thanksgiving dinner with their families because they're called out to a crime scene. Richards love life becomes complicated when he finally decides to start dating again, and Amber, the woman he professed his love to just before she left town, returns. Richards again feels his faith being tested in both his professional life and his personal life. Ellis gives the reader enough insight into the murderer to remind the reader that there is a human being who was once hurt himself somewhere inside the monster committing the crimes. With characters who are multilayered rather than caricatures of good and evil, D. R. T.: Dead Right There exposes the raw truth that even the most righteous have sinned and that it is human nature to see one sin, especially someone else's, as worse than others.


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