Corvallis, Oregon - Spice & Ice Asian Grill~Gelato

A friend and I had lunch at Spice & Ice Asian Grill~Gelato located at 215 SW 3rd Street in Corvallis, the recently opened second location for this restaurant on Saturday. This casual, Asian fusion restaurant shows a lot of promise! The murals on the wall were fun and created a feeling of relaxed cheerfulness. The staff is still finding their way but handled things well. The appetizers and entrees were served a little closer together than I would've liked. The staff was attentive to the needs of the customers. My friend and I split an order of salad rolls and an order of spring rolls. Both were delicious. I would return just for these two menu items. The salad rolls were cold and soothing. I think they'd be great on a hot afternoon when one is just looking for a light snack. The peanut sauce served with them complements them very nicely. The spring rolls were fried delightfully crisp and the vegetables inside the perfect texture to offset the crispiness. They were tasty with the chili sauce served with them, but just as good dipped in the peanut sauce served with the salad rolls. I wish I'd dipped a salad roll in the chili sauce to see how well that would work together... Oh, well, next time. We both ordered the mandarin tempeh. It was served with white rice. I enjoyed this dish. The portions were generous. I ordered the small size and brought home close to half of it. My friend also liked the entree. My Thai iced coffee tasted fine. We split the fried banana gelato, vanilla gelato topped with deep-fried wonton wrapped bananas..  It came without sauce though we were told a caramel sauce is usually served with it, but that there's been a snafu with ordering. It tasted good, but the texture needed a little contrast element, and I thought a sprinkle of fresh basil or mint over the top would've complemented it nicely. It was also quite sweet. This is a large dessert. Order to share! Overall, it's a restaurant worth giving a try, especially if you enjoy Asian fusion food.


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