Tyrmia by Ken McConnell

Ken McConnell creates a world reminiscent of Earth in his engaging novel, Tyrmia, that transports the reader into the jungles, the treetops, the underground passages, and the cities of Tyrmia. He places futuristic technology against known technology in a way that honors both the history of development and future of advancement. He creates characters the reader cheers for, hates, and understands often against the reader's will and sometimes at the same time. The main character, Szeredy, will entrance the reader with her strength, intelligence, street smarts, and compassion. Her integrity and determination shine through even as she makes decisions she questions in order to survive. McConnell takes the reader on an emotional journey as he takes his characters through physical and emotional struggles and triumphs including commitment to one another and a common cause, loss, pain, torture, grief, survival, love, and victory. Tyrmia is a world filled with the same greed, racism, violence, and biases we experience in our own world on a daily basis, but it is equally filled with the hope, love, determination, and hospitality that give us faith tomorrow will be better than today if we commit to making it so.


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