Sunday, May 6, 2012

Triple Jeopardy by David L. Hoof

David L. Hoof weaves a tale of revenge, greed, and image control that manages to garner laughs and create suspense at the same time in Triple Jeopardy.  Filled with none-too-innocent characters possessing their own agendas for the roles they play in the Speckts’ absurd lengths to annihilate one another instead of divorcing in order to protect their excessive wealth and their status.  Centered around the excess and arrogance of the rich in America, Triple Jeopardy exposes the tricks the wealthy use to create the appearance of wealth and power to gain more.  Kidnapping, murder, rape, and greed all play roles in Triple Jeopardy.  Hoof’s use of language, vivid imagination, and study of human nature in Triple Jeopardy will entertain, intrigue, and provide the reader a guilty sense of delight at watching the rich fight to maintain their self-created, self-inflated images equated with money and power.

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