Be a Dividend Millionaire by Paul Rubillo

Be a Dividend Millionaire by Paul Rubillo strives to simplify investing in the stock market. Rubillo shares his own story with trading and investing as a way to demonstrate how dividend investing makes more sense than trading. He also delves into why some of most encouraged ways of investing lead to mistakes. He encourages people to take control of their money and to pay attention to the market. Rubillo steers people away from dollar cost averaging and more toward creating an investing strategy that works for them. At times engaging, at times very dry, Be a Dividend Millionaire provides information to pique one's interest in a strategy of investing in dividend paying stocks that's more a combination of trading and investing than what is often thought of when people say they are investing their money, especially in dividend stocks. He refers to his website so often in the book that it borders on sounding like an ad for his website services at times. While Be a Dividend Millionaire is an interesting read, don't expect it to contain all the answers to investing well and actually becoming that dividend millinaire.


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