Magical Herbalism by Scott Cunningham

Magical Herbalism by Scott Cunningham explores the use of herbs in magic and wicca, but more than that he demystifies the origins of of our common beliefs regarding the effectiveness of certain herbs. Cunningham explains how to gather herbs and avoid poisons in the process. He explains the effectiveness and general acceptance of herbal use in magic. He lists a variety of herbs including their properties and what magic they are most useful in performing. He even gives guided instructions for planting a magical herbal garden. Magical Herbalism contains a thread of the importance of being respectful and thankful for the plants that surround us and what they can do for us throughout the entire book. Cunningham's appreciation for the natural world shines through in this informative book. For anyone who has ever wondered about herbs and the mystic surrounding them, Magical Herbalism provides a practical, easy to understand origin of the beliefs surrounding the power of herbs. If nothing else, the reader will come away appreciating herbs in a new way.


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