Killer Instinct by Robert W. Walker

Robert W. Walker introduces Dr. Jessica Coran, pathologist, to readers in Killer Instinct, the first in his Instinct Thrillers. Dr. Coran is an easy to like character who is intelligent and ambitious. While at times, the reader will want to smack her for decisions she makes, she always justifies her decisions, at least to herself. She is strong, quick witted, and intense while remaining feminine. Walker exposes a vampire story that isn't a vampire story in the usual sense. He introduces us to a character who is vampiristic in thought and behavior but all too human complete with frailties. Killer Instinct is populated with characters who will draw the reader in, upset the reader, and confuse the reader all the time keeping the reader fully engaged. As the investigation progresses into a series of murders resulting from blood being slowly drained from the victims and the crime scenes providing little to go on, the skills of Dr. Coran and FBI agent, Otto Boutine, who is dealing with personal issues and the growing attraction between him and Dr. Coran, uncover overlooked evidence, hidden evidence, and previously unnoticed links between other unsolved murders. They, along with a team at the FBI, seek the killer with an almost obsessive need. Killer Instinct never lacks intensity or the details to keep the reader reading. Walker leaves the reader wanting to spend more time with Dr. Jessica Coran.


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