Lakeland, Florida - Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille - 2011 Trip

Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille, located at 101 North Kentucky Avenue (they scored a half point with this Kentucky girl just based on their choice of address), gives off a combination homey and hometown bar vibe. The decor has a musical influence that definitely speaks to jazz. From the moment we arrived, the staff strove to make sure we were comfortable and taken care of. They inquired as to what we needed and when. When I told the waitress we were waiting on friends, she actually smiled and asked if we needed anything while we waited. Her smiling attitude lasted through our very long lunch. By the time we left, it was practically time to order dinner!! When I asked if I could have the Pasta Chicken Louisianne sans the chicken, she smiled and said "of course" without missing a beat!  My pasta tasted excellent and was very filling. I couldn't finish it, especially since I'd already picked out the dessert I wanted. I also ordered a Harry's Hurricane which was tasty and very fruity. My husband thoroughly enjoyed his fish dish. Our friends very much enjoyed their dishes as well and told us time and again Harry's is one of their favorite restaurants. My husband and I split Lulu's Mud Pie for dessert. It was very large, definitely a dessert to split with someone else, perhaps more than one someone else. It is layered with texture and flavor giving each bite both uniqueness and familiarity. Throughout the afternoon, the wait staff checked back with us to see if we needed anything and even volunteered to take photos of our group so everyone could be in the shot. We ordered another round of drinks later in the afternoon. I had to try the Mudtini. It was a nice chocolate martini though I think my recipe might be a tad bit better. They made our visit with not-often-seen friends as delightful and comfortable as sitting in one's own kitchen. All in all, Harry's provided a delightful, inviting, welcoming, invigorating atmosphere. I would definitely eat at Harry's again.


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