BBSP - All She Ever Wanted by T. L. Cooper

Wondering what that means?  Okay fine.  It's Birthday Blatant Self Promotion.  I'm giving myself permission to blatantly self promote my novel, All She Ever Wanted, here to celebrate my birthday today!  I think that's allowed.  So, if you haven't bought your copy of All She Ever Wanted and you're trying to figure out just want to get me for my birthday, buy your copy today!  And, just think it'll be a present for both of us. You'll get something delightful to read, and I'll get a book sale.  Awesome trade-off!!!

Reviews of All She Ever Wanted:
Midwest Book Reviews said "T. L. Cooper's All She Ever Wanted is the story of a blossoming interracial friendship between a white woman and an African-American man and his family. Victoria Caldwell must confront and deal with her own prejudices, as well as those of her family, and those of her ancestors as recorded in their journals. A thoughtful, insightful look into the changing human mind and spirit evoked by an interracial friendship, All She Ever Wanted is a superbly written, highly recommended novel showcasing a theme that is as historic and universal as interracial human experience, and contemporary as today's newspaper headlines."
Carol Langstroth, Mind Fog Reviews said "In All She Ever Wanted by T.L. Cooper, Victoria reminisces about her friendship with Daryn York, a black man. Together they fight prejudice because of their being friends. She is amazed that his family treats her like one of their own and is extremely close to them unlike her own relationship with her parents.

I loved all the in-depth detail that T.L. Cooper put in to this book. I saw and felt everything that Victoria saw or did. I must say this is the first book in a long time that actually made me cry. If you looking for a good fiction book to read, this is a great one!"
Allbook Reviews said "When Victoria, an only child meets Daryn who is from a large loving family they become best friends for life. The fact that there is a racial difference is of no importance to them but even in this modern world prejudism is against them, on both sides. Driven by a desire for professional success and parental approval, Victoria pushes hard to meet her goals but in doing so is left trapped in her memories and wondering if it was all worth the effort.

Daryn's family teaches her about love and old fashioned values while helping her heal from her disastrous attempts at personal relationships
In her search for answers to the past and prejudisms she learns about her own families involvement in slavery, the good and the bad.

Victoria has everything she thought she wanted. Financial success with all the benefits and power but without family, love and support.

T.L. Cooper has a talent for description that has you feeling the sun on your face at the farm and hunger for the tastes at a good seafood restaurant. Emotions of love, fear, grief and confusion are unavoidable as you she draws you into current issues in the world she has created in her story. "
Thank you for reading Reviews with TLC.  I look forward to bringing you reviews of more great books in the future.  For the rest of this week, I will be on hiatus though.  So look for new reviews beginning on October 5th.
Until then, happy reading!


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