Golf Rules Explained by Peter Dobereiner

Golf Rules Explained (11th Edition) by Peter Dobereiner makes a good reference book for golfers. While a bit of a dry read, it clarifies some points of the game and even points out some of the more confusing aspects of the game. At times, my enthusiasm for the game suffered while reading Golf Rules Explained but never for long. There are a few sections that are confusing, but the author blames that on confusion within the rules yet also points out that the rules state exactly what they mean and mean exactly what they say. Even with that, the rules are open to interpretation. The interesting thing is that there are times when being "nice" in penalized and when doing the commonsense thing doesn't follow the rules. All in all, Golf Rules Explained gives golfers a clearer understanding of the rules, especially for those interested in playing more than the occasional casual game. On the other hand, Golf Rules Explained can create undue tension in the casual player, so beware if your goal is pleasure rather than tournament play.


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