The Well Meaning Killer by Miranda Phillips Walker

Miranda Phillips Walker introduces FBI Agent Megan McKenna in The Well Meaning Killer. Walker draws a parallel between McKenna's background and a serial killer's background that is eerie while still portraying that people with similar backgrounds can have very different responses to those events. As McKenna hunts a serial killer who puts his victims in wells, her physical, emotional, and mental strength are challenged. Her tough exterior hides her vulnerability.  Walker delves into the killer's psyche including what created the monster he has become. Walker interweaves a love story that borders on becoming a love triangle into the storyline that leaves the reader unsure where their loyalties lie. She creates characters that the reader wants to know better and characters that will make the reader squirm while reading. There are moments when the reader will be torn between feeling sympathy for the abused little boy and wishing for the death of the monster he becomes. Though at moments the reader will feel frustrated by the decisions of the characters involved and may question the actions of those characters, Walker keeps the reader engaged and longing for justice to be served. The Well Meaning Killer entertains while delving into the cruelty and greed that drive people to criminal activity while exposing the vulnerabilities of their victims. Walker creates a character in McKenna that makes readers anxious for the next book.


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