Slash and Burn by Matt Hilton

Slash and Burn by Matt Hilton is an action packed thriller that takes the reader from Florida to Kentucky to Texas and back to Florida. Slash and Burn is filled with action and violence.  Hilton creates a main character, Joe Hunter, whose sense of justice may not always fit inside the law but is based on his own code of right and wrong. The pages are littered with dead bodies as Hunter strives to save two sisters from criminals. Sibling love, friendship, and loyalty are all tested and reaffirmed in Slash and Burn. Driven by greed, Robert Huffman will do anything to protect his criminal empire including murder anyone who dares try to expose him or stand in his way. Though he uses the resources at his disposal, he's willing to get his hands dirty, enjoys it, in fact. Though there are moments in the story that seem a bit incredulous, the story is compelling enough for the reader to overlook them. Hilton's detailed fight scenes paint a picture that will make the reader feel as if they've been dropped in the middle of the action feeling the heat of the blaze burning, the impact of a punch, the slice of a knife, and the bullet tearing through skin and flesh.


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