Sunday, May 6, 2012

Missing in Mexico by Stuart Gustafson

Stuart Gustafson's debut novel, Missing in Mexico, isn't your typical mystery. The main character, Stan Walkorski, is a private investigator searching for Sarah, a college-aged girl who didn't return home to Seattle from a trip to Mexico. Sarah's parents hire Stan to go to Mexico to look for Sarah.While Stan searches for Sarah, he meets helpful people, discovers tourists sights and local attractions, encounters a bit of romance, and makes friends with the people of Los Cabos. Gustafson portrays a side of Mexico and the Mexican people we rarely, if ever, see in the United States media. He creates well-rounded characters who are generally likable even with their flaws. Missing in Mexico uncovers secrets, delves into family dynamics, explores interpersonal relationships, and highlights the similarities and differences in cultures while giving a more realistic portrayal of a private investigator's job than usually appears in fiction.

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