Albany, Oregon - Vault 244

I've eaten at Vault 244, located at 244 W 1st Ave, several times, and I've always been pleased with the experience. Their vegetarian selection is a bit limited but always tastes delicious. The drink menu by itself is interesting enough to draw me back over and over. My last trip to Vault 244, I ordered the handmade vegetarian ravioli, which was simple but delicious. My dinner companion ordered the chicken quesdilla which he liked. I ordered a drink called Fire & Ice which combined a thai chile infused vodka with cucumber juice. It was incredible. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of heat and cool. For dessert we split the flourless chocolate torte which was quite good. I also ordered a hot buttered rum which tasted excellent. It was sweet enough to serve as dessert all by itself. We sat at the bar this time, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching bartenders work; however, I loved being seated by the fireplace on other visits. Vault 244 provides great energy, fabulous drinks, and delicious food, but it is a bit pricey. I thoroughly enjoy the restaurant but with the limited vegetarian options for entrees and the prices, I only eat there occasionally. Still, I'd love to work my way through their drink menu.


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