Big Sex Little Death by Susie Bright

Susie Bright tells her life story in the memoir, Big Sex Little Death. Big Sex Little Death details the events of Bright's life well but provides very little insight into the motivation behind her actions. Often it reads as if Brigh just became involved in whatever cause happened to come her way. Even her passion for her causes seems muted and a bit fleeting throughout the book. The book is written to leave the impression of a girl longing to belong but never actually explores this with any emotional depth or insight. Bright is blatantly honest about her life but leaves gaps creating questions in the reader's mind, especially the question of how Bright became a sex expert. It seems the trajectory of Bright's life and vast sexual experience has lead her to her "expertise" in all matters sexual leading the reader to ask is that enough? Big Sex Little Death has moments that draw the reader in and moments the reader just wants to skim due to writing that is at times rich and engaging and at other times dry and evasive. 


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